Very good points, just to add . It seems in this " modern" age the charge of being a serious person is considered close to sacrilege because the gods forbid a man should deem it important to have standards .

However, if its a woman then she must be taken serious by default even when her opinions are at best comical . Most of these men have neither conviction in their so called values nor do they think anyone else should. Its sort of vain attempt to seem profound while refusing to even examine one's own basic premises . Due to the lack of conviction, they get led around by the dick through the influence of any woman who has a mental fart and calls it a thought . No principle is too sacred for them to spit on, it's not even a religious thing but there ought to be values we all understand their inherent worth rather than mocking every one who has an opinion that difffers from ours.

This frivolity is why most companies nowadays go belly up because inevitably one's personal values seep into the quality of his work.

Most damning of all they can't even refer to themselves as men as though they either feel unworthy of the title or view it as an incomplete word without the "wo " in front . They use substitutes like guy, cis gendered and other such terms . Let me make it easy for you "guys ", if you are a male over the legal for voting in your community, then you are a man, which means adult male . Whether you are one worth associating with though, is a subject for a different debate .