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Thread: Mgtow hipocrisy

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    Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    As for polygraphs? Ask any doctor! They're bullshit. It measures your reaction to questions and that's all. It's possible to beat a polygraph, and it's also possible to have a polygraph do your dirty work for you. Polygraphs being able to determine if someone is lying or not is a myth and propaganda. This is a fact, not an opinion.
    "Don't follow in my footsteps. I stepped in something."

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    Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    Thanks for sharing

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    Talking Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    From what I've read on this forum, most, if not all feel that ANY accusation of sexual misconduct by men, sexual harassment, even rape, is mostly manufactured by desperate females, or a product of social justice warriors. you refer to them as 'SJW's'. Wow.
    So , the women who have accused Ray Moore, Bill Cosby, & on & on & on & on & on & on most assuredly are liars.

    In fact there is absolutely NO credible women that have ever been molested, raped, or harassed by any man, because everyone contaminated by this poison, hateful, forum has said so.

    There, closed & shut case. If any of you have daughters, may they never be harassed, raped, murdered, or groped, because, by your edict, it never happened. You'll see how fast YOU want JUSTICE after that bomb. I would love to see you explain your way out of that to your precious little girl.

    You'll just have to tell them, "now run along & die your hair purple, sweetie". Good going, real men! MGTOW = Men Grown To Oppose Women
    Sooooo.... a bunch of men living their own lives as they please *without* bothering women should earn them this kind of hate speech, you fucking moron? People like you are convincing more smart men to go MGTOW every day, thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    For men this type of vile speech directed at them since they were young boys has been the norm. This is why it requires great self discipline for a man to filter all of it out.

    Men are able to navigate these "dangerous waters" like Spetnaz often says because the world will keep going regardless of what choices you make. That is why it is better to take action than sit there in pity.

    Whether the action is right or wrong, or ill timed it does not matter. A man taking action actually improves confidence and reinforces that the opinions of the outside world means nothing. What matters is that internal epiphany that guides men to greatness. Chase greatness and leave behind the approval of false role models and false friends.

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    Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    I knew this would be a good one when I saw they spelled hypocrisy incorrectly.
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