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    Which sub/main would finance chat go under?


    Lurker from Reddit war zone after the loss of the sub battles (pun on COD btw).

    If someone were to chat over finance topics such as stock market or what not, there does not appear to be a dedicated sub here for that like there was on the original site.

    Where are the mods putting such com chatter?

    (Outside of COD also do ESO-35/36 is a war zone by itself)

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    Re: Which sub/main would finance chat go under?

    No forum dedicated to financial chat. We have a sub-forum called Random (Non-MGTOW subjects) but sometimes a non-MGTOW topic shows up elsewhere if not routed to that sub-forum. We request members to make the thread titles indicative of what's inside the thread but this is not guaranteed.

    I just now performed three different ways of searching, while not logged in (to simulate your experience), arbitrarily using the term "stocks" (without quotes):

    1) Using the Search Box located at the very top of each page, in the black bar:

    I got a list of threads from any sub-forum. This searched for the occurrence of that word in the thread titles as well as in the body of the posts.

    2) I clicked on the specific sub-forum Random (Non-MGTOW subjects) and searched using the "Search Forum" tool found there, by clicking on it:

    I entered the search word in the blank search box that you see in the above image, and clicked Search.

    It took me to a screen where I had to do a Capcha because I'm not logged in. On this screen, you can choose to search Entire Posts or just Titles Only.

    I chose Entire Posts and received a list of threads from any sub-forum but, curiously, not identical to the list from Search #1.

    3) Using same search tool as Search #2, this time I clicked on Advance Search and got that Capcha screen but this time I could search by sub-forum. I chose Random (Non-MGTOW subjects) and Entire Posts and got a list from only that sub-forum.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Which sub/main would finance chat go under?

    I can only hazard a guess in answer to your question since I didnít set up the site.

    Unlike Reddit or most other forums, this site is primarily concerned with MGTOW topics. Whilst topics such as finance are related to the MGTOW lifestyle, they are not necessarily part of it and therefore donít require dedicated sub-forums.

    If one was to go that route there would/could be a never-ending list of subs.

    Itís simply more practical to have a main MGTOW sub-forum (Lounge), a couple of subs that are directly related to various MGTOW lifestyles, and another sub (NON_MGTOW) for those topics that may be of interest to MGTOW.

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