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    Re: What should women do?

    Quote Originally Posted by OwenWentFullMGTOW View Post

    I promised myself years to never hold a woman to the same standard that I hold a man. So, I don't expect you to be self-reflective or to consider the possibility that you and other women are quite similar to the kinds of women who get criticized around here. Women generally don't do well with accountability.

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    Re: What should women do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Curious View Post
    Hello I am a woman who just recently started reading about MGTOW so I am not sure if I've understood it all.

    I was wondering, what do you want of women?
    I'll tell you what I want, WOMAN! If want you women to shut your bitchy, nagging mouths and go the FUCK away! LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's a man's world and we need to take it by the throat and make it give us what we desire.

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    Re: What should women do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unboxxed View Post
    ... Talking to us solves nothing, because we don't care about women anymore. We're done. ...
    While I would not disagree with the above, I would say that talking to us solves nothing ...because we don't have the power. The feminists have the power.

    So, yes, women with these types of complaints need to take it up with the feminists, as you suggest.