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    Any referral to a purple pill forum?

    The forum is for red pill mgtow. Sorry for wasting bandwidth here, but can anyone refer me to a purple pill forum? I tried googling but came up empty.

    If there is one, then it could be a good idea to put it in the forum rule sticker so all the red piller mgtow gets less noice from purple pillers.


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    Guy With Two Feet

    Re: Any referral to a purple pill forum?

    Sorry, I can't help you.
    Red pill I'm guessing is far more popular, as far as the term itself is concerned, if not the lifestyle, but not enough people ever even heard of red pill. Good luck finding a pure purple pill board, other than just go hang out where most men are, because even blue pill men tend to have a mind of their own, and I'm guessing don't want utter destruction, even should they seek it. Unless PUA's can be, or always are purple pill. In that case, there are plenty of places to find them.

    I'm probably purple pill myself, despite me having called myself True MGTOW here, yet I'm not a PUA. I'm too, or so cautious, if there can be a too about it, and maybe too conservative, or usually too preoccupied, and too cheap, and too lazy to want to spend all my waking hours, just trying to have a few minutes of sex with a new strange woman once a week or month, because even Ludacris said, "pimping ain't easy" and Mystery even admitted it takes time to hit your mark, and everyone knows it's a numbers game, and all the risks, time and money involved, despite me still being horny.

    Maybe we can launch something together, but I'm very unpredictable or unreliable as far as internet time goes, so forget that idea. I'm a good or bad, yet confusing balance, however you look at it, mixture of red and blue, and being how big I'm guessing purple is, it should become a grand political party, because both red and blue are wrong - it just so happens to be, that blue is far more wrong. Probably most men are purple pill, and don't know what to think anymore, when all signs point to failure, but you not wanting it to, because blue pill men hear other men talk.

    Most adults in my country are single - I'm pretty sure the majority now - yet the blue pill mindset is still the smoke you see in the air everywhere, after some guy crashes his private plane into his house so his wife doesn't get it, or he just smiles and says, "here's my house, baby. That's what us ex husbands are for." and he either blames himself, or blames nobody. He served his purpose.

    Red pill aint televised popular, or rather, it's not praised or Fox news worthy, because some guy just staying out of trouble and living in his bachelor pad or bigass estate, neither helps or destroys society, yet red pill, as far as women are concerned, the forces won't allow it to be heard too loudly, because the force still depends on men and women getting together, long enough for women to extract a man's worth and give her children, yet no generation was supposed to succeed Z, because how could it, and the force allows women to get men fired for sexual harassment, when an employer hires a man at all, when it very well may be that she just doesn't like a particular man for any reason whatsoever, or the force allows women to jeopardize men's reputation or freedom too easily, and allows women to send, or try to send men to prison everytime a woman slips and falls on herself, while making it seem like that either isn't the case at all, or won't necessarily happen, if you only play by women's rules, as they write them. And only jump when she tells you to, and you can't even ask her how high, because a man is just supposed to already know. So, yeah. Sorry, I can't help you.

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    Re: Any referral to a purple pill forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Guy With Two Feet View Post
    I'm probably purple pill myself, despite me having called myself True MGTOW here,
    For all the abuse you have been dishing out to us and this site under the banner of that moniker, this is what you now say.

    Glad we could help.
    The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

    The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
    - Henry David Thoreau

    There are 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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    Re: Any referral to a purple pill forum?

    Searched a bit more
    Mancoat/Nice guy forum gone for some years
    Independent Man forum also gone

    https://www.happierabroad.com/forum exists but seems low trafic and mostly centered on mongering, well beggars can't be choosers?

    The search continues....

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    Re: Any referral to a purple pill forum?

    Would you look at that, our guest troll did something positive. Not so much to us, but he did try to help a lurker.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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    Re: Any referral to a purple pill forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by frog View Post
    Would you look at that, our guest troll did something positive. Not so much to us, but he did try to help a lurker.
    With the things he does, he reminds of the local kid that didn't fit in and got abused by everyone. The more he's abused, the more he'll try!
    Bundle up, boys, it's gonna be a long cold endless winter.

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