Red Pill Nation Hangout #284
1. 13:41 Yet another fake hate crime exposed NYC, Colorado Nightclub, Paul Pelosi (Jussie Smollet on steroids)
2. 39:35 Elon Musk Twitter Melodrama.
1) Corporate Establishment starts targeting Elon & Twitter
2) EU issues absurd demands for Twitter and Elon
3) Elon makes a decision around Kanye West
4) Elon Reveals that Twitter has interfered in Elections
3. 1:00:36 Kanye West has memorable interviews with Tim Pool and Alex Jones
4. 1:42:20 Disney appears to have thrown in the towel on woke content
5. 2:19:35 Danielle Smith backpedaling on protecting unvaccinated in Alberta
6. 39:55 (2) Riots erupting in China

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