Red Pill Nation Hangout #203
1. 8:31 MSM and the Establishment are in a full-court press to dehumanize the unvaccinated
2. 1:06:47 Mia Khalifa is getting divorced
3. 1:52:33 MGTOW Arrives in China in the form of Lying Flat Man
4. 2:39:43 Dr Dre. Alimony is $300,000/ month. Screaming Feminist Hypocrisy over Kelly Clarkson having to pay $200,000/month
5. 3:04:05 Vegan Booty is using Onlyfans to fund her insane activism
6. 3:20:55 Blizzard Games Meltdown Continues (Walkout ruined by SJW’s)