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    What the MSM isn't saying on recent events - Liz Wheeler

    Finally a youtube channel with some interesting stories that you won't hear anywhere else...
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    re: What the MSM isn't saying on recent events - Liz Wheeler

    Some members have told us they don't like to click on things to find out what they are, so I watched the short video. The conservative One America News Network features a smart Liz Wheeler who is taking on the liberal narrative in a commentary format that she calls The Final Point.

    She posted it on youtube on August 23, 2019 so consider it recent. She tells us what she says the MSM isn't talking about:

    1) California Ethnic Studies Bill delayed one year.

    2) Google's bias exposed in their search results.

    3) Brief fact-check of Kamala Harris' Medicare-For-All claims.

    4) Planned Parenthood withdraws from Title 10 funding. Wheeler debunks their reason.

    5) New York Times "1619 Project" full of lies.

    It's a 4-minute video so these are brief corrections to MSM news reports, not in-depth stories. There are other videos from her.
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