Here is another example of a cucked legal system which favours women. A 19 year old drunk female assaults emergency hospital staff, batters security, abuses gay people, slapped a female police officer across the face and gets let off.

I have seen men recieve worse sentences for doing less than what this female did. A male in the UK or PUA who went by the name Addy was jailed for talking to a female on the street. The female then reported it and the male was jailed for a year. The prosecution framed it as targeted harassment. Also check out firstpersonapproacher on youtube, who was arrested for talking to a female on the street. He has cam footage to prove he didn't break the law.

Beauty priviledge when mixed with female priviledge is a powerful force in the court house. We all know this isn't the only time that women get let off for crimes. Take for instance the female who was let off for stabbing her boyfriend with a fork, and actually was told jail time would ruin her medical career.

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For me it seems going MGTOW is the best option.