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    Café owner is forced to leave a heartbreaking note on her front door

    A popular Melbourne cafe has been forced to close after an abusive customer left the eatery’s hard-working staff in tears over a bowl of rice.
    Bob’s Your Uncle Cafe in Doncaster East placed a sign in their window stating that the decision to close was made to support the mental health of the employees.

    ‘Dear Customer. Due to excessive abuse of a customer, we made the decision today to close to support the mental health of our team and our owner, ” the note read.
    “Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”
    A tearful employee later posted a video message on Instagram outlining what had happened.

    Bob’s Your Uncle Cafe (pictured) was forced to close after an abusive customer left the restaurant’s hard-working staff in tears
    “We just got attacked by a customer because we only had white rice on the manger instead of blue,” she said.

    ‘That’s because of the pandemic. We can’t get one in. But they shouted and were verbally aggressive.
    “Unfortunately we now have three staff in tears and we don’t open for the rest of the day.”
    On the cafe’s Facebook page, they reminded everyone to be kind to hospitality workers, who are repeatedly targeted by angry customers during the coronavirus crisis.
    “ We’ve encountered this kind of abuse every day since the reopening about little things like our rice being white and not a butterfly pea color, ” the report read.
    ‘The current situation has broken us and we need today to think and rebuild. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope for your continued support. ‘
    Tearful. Absolutely shattered. Unable to continue. Broken. Forced to close - "forced", mind you. Because asshole customer.

    And now you know, if you didn't before, why men run the world and always will.

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    Re: Café owner is forced to leave a heartbreaking note on her front door

    I would expect that from a society that pushes mono-gender equality down everyone's throat, because we all know the western culture are all respectful, refined, well mannered ladies and gentlemen raised in wholesome households with good role models like their parents, siblings, and society on whole.

    I can't remember the last time I saw a woman in a dress or a little girl that wasn't taught to act like and be like a boy. In fact, modern lib'whack liberals dress their boys like girls and teach them to act like girls.

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