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    Amber Heard Open Letter
    Literally every single prominent Feminist Group in the US has chosen to back Amber Heard DESPITE clear and overwhelming evidence to the contrary. At this point you really have no other choice but to go MGTOW because levels of confident willful ignorance like this is a smoking gun that Feminism in it's current form is utterly beyond reasoning with
    And for anyone saying "Duh no kidding" skip the sarcasm. Up until now there wasn't an actual smoking gun demonstrating the point. We do now
    The evidence during the trial was overwhelming and they STILL chose to double down and do it publicly and proudly

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    Re: Amber Heard Open Letter

    Precisely why the 19th amendment should be repealed or all will be lost to this dynamic and the crazies will own the funny farm they created.
    Bundle up, boys, it's gonna be a long cold endless winter.

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    Re: Amber Heard Open Letter

    When is Aquaman 2 coming out, anyway. It seems like they finished shooting a couple of years ago.
    An escort is a woman you occasionally financially support only when she has sex with you.

    A date is a woman you occasionally financially support in the hope she will have sex with you.

    A wife is a woman you constantly financially support even when she is not having sex with you.

    An ex-wife is a woman you constantly financially support with alimony so she can have sex......with someone else.

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    Re: Amber Heard Open Letter

    Like that analogy

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