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    Time to do my own thing


    my first major relationship, the woman cheated on me and lied about the paternity of my daughter until she was 7 and she turned into an abusive violent nut case. I took her to court and won custody, now she pays me maintenance, I got the last laugh, but the wound was deep and years of my life was wasted with turmoil and difficulty. My daughters good btw, despite the difficulties I wouldnt give her up, she keeps me going and its not her fault she has a crazy mother, shes been landed in this crazy world with no hope, except from me, the love she gives is so rewarding and besides my mother she is the only other person on this earth who loves me unconditionally.

    After this debacle I thought I'd found the right woman, I got married, after a year she decided she was done, she said she wanted to settle down have a family, but she also wants to work all the hours, go to the gym every day and go out at weekends, obviously the two contradict, shes a victim of modern feminism. In the end she has decided to call it a day because I wont keep up with her. She is 38 and on one a way track to childlessness and singleness. The irony this is everything she feared. I wont argue with her, or fight, if they're done, im done.

    So now going through amicable divorce, ill be honest its raw right now, but once the house and home is sorted and I can get back to building my business and making investments, im sure it will be sound. Lest to say im not going to bother making the mistake a third time.

    Ive spent the majority of my adult life expending more effort and resources on another person then any other person would care to expend on me.

    For years ive wondered, just where id be, how much more educated, how much wealthier, how much doubt free, I'd be if I expended that effort on me, how much better of a Dad I'd be. Ive been looking into Mgtow for years, but always thought "one more try maybe the next one will be good". But now, im done.

    I am going Monk, or Ghost as you call it here. Im done with women.

    Time to do my own thing.

    Thanks for keeping this forum alive, despite the media trying to shut it down.

    Im going to build my business & assets, work on my health & gym, read and be the best dad I can.

    Thank you for listening.

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    Re: Time to do my own thing

    Quote Originally Posted by ForlornHope88 View Post

    For years ive wondered, just where id be, how much more educated, how much wealthier, how much doubt free
    I keep wondering too. My case is the other way, my mother and some family members have been pestering me to get married and some even want to know my girlfriend. I left home at 25 because of this. I started my masters and Im almost done with my PhD in Electrical Engineering. I dont know how it would have turned out. Probably i would have been divorced raped, drunkard..etc.

    Thanks to Mgtow, i found redpill at 25 and i have never looked back. I'm in the best shape ever in my life.

    Be safe wherever you are.

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    Re: Time to do my own thing

    Well you got two months Forlorn Hope88. Welcome, and get what you can.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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