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    The Prisoner has now arrived. Please prepair for property values to drop everyhwere...

    Hey guys, it's great to see a lot of the men from the MGTOW forums here. I am going to give a short version of my red pill experience. Been through the whole system of child support, divorce and all of that kind of stuff. I have my child support all paid off now, however I still feel that the courts can change that at anytime. So of course even though I am not, I still feel like a prisoner, hence my screen name The Prisoner. As a lot of the old MGTOW members remember my signature from the lyrics of an Iron Maiden song called The Prisoner.

    Not a prisoner I'm a free man
    And my blood is my own now
    Don't care where the past was
    I know where I'm going ...out!

    I feel this describes my general feeling about my life today. Finding out about MGTOW or GYOW gave me that direction I was looking for, out. I found out that I was not alone in what I was thinking or seeing. MGTOW has given me hope were I was losing hope. With others sharing I learned about new things to watch out for when dealing with women. Like always going your own way means to each his own. So yes I still date on occasion, however truthfully I seldom get past the third date anymore. Once you see things for what they are their is no going back. For that I am thankful, after all why would I want to be a Prisoner again or a slave? I have a profile of the same name on the voice for men's forum and they seem like well meaning people their. Actually found this site through them. Anyhow it is good to be here and thank you all for the warm welcome..

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    Re: The Prisoner has now arrived. Please prepair for property values to drop everyhwere...

    Recognize you from MF. Welcome to the fora!

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    Re: The Prisoner has now arrived. Please prepair for property values to drop everyhwere...

    Hey Prisoner, glad you made it! If you're dating, please see our Game sub-forum. Anyone who's dating or has a GF I think can add a lot- if nothing else in terms of sharing observations.

    Some of you may be wondering -- who is this Jagrmeister guy? Have a look at some of my posts from MGTOW Forums--> Jagr Archive (collection of my articles)

    Stuff I do: Box, Surf, Tennis (3.5/4.0), Downhill skiing. I lift 4x a week and have for 10 years.
    Stuff I like: Comedy shows, NBA, Reading Non-Fiction (sociology, philosophy, biographies).
    Random facts: I admire Steve Jobs. Favorite travel spots (Russia, Central America).

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