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    My Intro

    I'm BeeInKC. That's Bee (nickname) in Kansas City.

    1. Relationship history - Dateless in high school and college. Couple one nighters and a few pros. Mostly shy around girls, short. Married a Filipina (met in Cherry Blossoms) for 13 years. Have one child age 10. Of those 13 years I'd say about 4 have been great, 4 have been really awful, and 5 have been just ok. This is not linear - it seems to track mostly around her hormone cycle and the fact that taking someone away from the Equator to KC makes them seasonally depressive. I know hundreds of Fil-Am couples and can answer most questions on the topic. There are times I'm happy and feel like I could do it forever and times I just want to throw my wallet and cell phone out the car window and start a new life in a new town. I am trying to hang onto what I have because 1. I really do want it to work, I want to thrive and not just survive and 2. I realize what the D would mean to me. I'd lose at least half my current assets, half my future income, and probably my relationship with my child. so the incentive is high.

    2. I've had MGTOW feelings all along but couldn't quantify it or put a name on it. I feel like the system is rigged, that I'm a utility. I exist to serve others - my employer, my spouse, my kid, my government etc. The only way I can do things for myself is to do it first and ask forgiveness later. I look back on my early 20's as the happiest time of my life. I made half the money I do now but was able to live on just about half my salary. I had the time to do whatever I wanted. I was in shape. I finished school. I passed a professional exam. Ironically if the D happens, I'll live on half again.

    3. I'm a CPA. 41 years old. I enjoy classic cars, motorcycles, guns, building models, the internet, travel. These MGTOW sites are both helping and hurting me. I'm depressive anyway. Missing my former level of freedom does not help. Only knowing if the D happens, life will go on. Two things my friends told me years ago that stuck with me are 1. Once she really threatens divorce, it is not going to get better. May as well file. 2. Once you have kids, you'll hang on for dear life for them, because you know that she'll probably get them.

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    Re: My Intro


    If she has threatened divorce I would start to make plans accordingly to protect yourself. A woman that threatens divorce (mood swings or not) is not a joke, because there is an entire industry and government giving massive incentives to push for divorce.

    However, your situation mirrors a lot of what other men have said . As of right now you are sticking it out for now, especially for your kids. But remember your kids can be used against you to start a divorce in her favor.

    Be alert.

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    Re: My Intro


    Feel free to make posts on your situation and ask questions. We have a number of members in your situation.

    Some of you may be wondering -- who is this Jagrmeister guy? Have a look at some of my posts from MGTOW Forums--> Jagr Archive (collection of my articles)

    Stuff I do: Box, Surf, Tennis (3.5/4.0), Downhill skiing. I lift 4x a week and have for 10 years.
    Stuff I like: Comedy shows, NBA, Reading Non-Fiction (sociology, philosophy, biographies).
    Random facts: I admire Steve Jobs. Favorite travel spots (Russia, Central America).

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