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    Lightbulb Intro

    Old guy. USA. Now divorced. All the usual there: expensive, false accusations, etc.

    Currently, contentedly avoiding the chase. No plans to return to it.

    Young men, please: avoid marriage.

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    Re: Intro

    Welcome Standard.

    Some of you may be wondering -- who is this Jagrmeister guy? Have a look at some of my posts from MGTOW Forums--> Jagr Archive (collection of my articles)

    Stuff I do: Box, Surf, Tennis (3.5/4.0), Downhill skiing. I lift 4x a week and have for 10 years.
    Stuff I like: Comedy shows, NBA, Reading Non-Fiction (sociology, philosophy, biographies).
    Random facts: I admire Steve Jobs. Favorite travel spots (Russia, Central America).

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    Re: Intro

    Young guys, already passed MGTOW rage. Mainly interested in gaming, started dating for experience, used some PUA trick and got some success but saw all women are like my mother, all CRAZY.
    Went back to full gaming.

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