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    How I ended up here

    I have had three relationships with women so far, and in all three of them they cheated on me. The third was crazy and fantasized about killing her ex-bf who cheated on her, I stopped seeing her and found out later she was cheating on me.

    I was pretty much done at that point. I was 18 when I gave up on romantic relationships, I turn 20 tomorrow! Yay!

    Ever since, I have been consuming MGTOW content. It hooked me in by first explaining what women will do in relationships. The explanations provided by your man the Sandman hit the nail on the head, all 3 had the exact behaviors described. So I started looking for explanations as to why they are like this. I have yet to be satisfied with the information. That is not to say it is not credible information, just that I do not like that it is true. The most interesting bit to me was how estrogen affects the brain.

    I am now attending my first semester of college, trying to drudge through to get my degree and get out of there. It is a feminist playground, so it is difficult for me, a white man. I am a Swedish immigrant, but to the feminist crowd I am a slave owning misogynist of the civil war's Confederacy. I try my best to ignore them.

    I'm here to find more information to help strengthen my independence so that I can be truly content living on my own. I no longer have any desire to cohabitate, but I still am sad about that desire.

    Thanks for having me.

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    Re: How I ended up here

    Welcome aboard!

    It takes time to fully digest the Red Pill. After things begin to clarify, it gets easier.

    I think all rational men seek solitude. Especially more, being surrounded by all of the modern insanity.

    There is tons of gold in this forum. I would recommend reading some of the oldest posts.

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