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    Got tired of my "good girl" friend

    Let me tell you something about a former friend of mine! This "good girl." PSSSSS!

    I met her in college. I was best friends with her. Nope! Actually, nope! I will just say that she has manipulated me into thinking that she was my best friend. Like I can't think of a single thing she has done for me except talk to me about bad boys that used her for sex and then dumped her. Seriously, looking back at her talking to me about those asshole boyfriends of hers honestly annoys me.

    At that time, I was so attracted to her because I thought she was a good girl so I confessed my love towards her. Suddenly, she became hostile to me. She hated me to the point she stopped talking to me. She even called me a creep.

    Okay, don't get things wrong around here. She is indeed a good girl! Seriously, she is! A true good girl! What do I mean by this?

    Well, she has the following characteristics below:

    1. She is modest in clothing.
    2. She can cook.
    3. She can take care of a man.
    4. She is dutiful as a girlfriend and never cheats on her boyfriend.
    5. She is submissive to her boyfriend.
    6. She is humble towards her boyfriend.

    But here's the problem:


    YOU GOT ME?!!



    But to me when she was still my friend? She was bossy! Typical "strong" "independent" woman! Bullshit!

    Here's what's interesting. She had a bad boy boyfriend. She is submissive and caring towards him while her bad boy boyfriend beats her often.

    Seriously, are women fucking masochists?

    Anyways, all of the bad boys she had romantic relationships with eventually dumped her stupid ass.

    Eventually, she hit the fucking wall at 35 years old so nobody wanted to make her as their wife.

    You wanna know what happened next? She fucking ran towards me. She then apologized to me about her hating and ghosting me after I confessed my love towards her.

    I accepted her apology and warmly welcomed her back as my friend.

    She then talked to me about all the bad boys that cheated on her and dumped her. I then warmly comforted her about her bad experiences with those bad boys.

    So what happened after that shit? Well, it was a big surprise!


    She said that I have been a good friend to her so she is ready at that to be my wife!

    Huh?!! My wife?!! 🤣🤣🤣

    You wanna what I did?

    I fucking changed my tone and the way I acted towards her!

    I changed my tone into a contemptuous tone!

    Then I told her this:

    "Are you fucking kidding me? I was nice and caring towards you back then as a close friend. Really, you were not my close friend because honestly, what have you ever done for me?"

    She can't answer.

    Then I added this:

    "No! You were not my friend! You just manipulated me! Manipulated me into giving you lots of money so you can give those money to your bad boy boyfriends! I was never your friend! I was your simp! You cunning bitch!

    And really, you want me to make you as my wife after you have been used up by this macho alpha male animals in sex? The fuck do you think of me? A sucker! Please, I have dignity and pride as a human being!

    Think about this. If you just stayed virgin and didn't have anything to do with these alpha macho animals, I could have accepted you but no NO NO! You wanted the bad boys!

    But the biggest betrayal you gave me is that you hated me and ghosted me after I confessed my love to you back then for the simple fact that I WAS A NICE GUY! A FUCKING NICE GUY! A PERSON YOU LOVE TO CALL A CREEP!

    To bad boys, you're traditionally feminine but to nice guys, you're a toxic bitch.

    So yeah! Go fuck yourself! You want me to make you my wife, go drink poison!"

    After that, I immediately left her in the spot she was standing. Then I heard her cry.

    I never talked to her ever again after that. I ghosted her ass.

    Of course, I started finding women who are truly good girls but I found out that all women are fucking the same! They all love bad boys!

    This eventually led me to discover the MGTOW world!

    So here I am! I want nothing to do with women anymore!

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    Re: Got tired of my "good girl" friend

    I also want to add something.

    She keeps on spreading false negative information about me. It seems like she wants to take revenge on me.

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    Re: Got tired of my "good girl" friend


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