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    MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    We’ve said MGTOW is about awareness; awareness about the actual nature of women. Well what is the actual nature of the modern woman?

    MGTOW Awareness of Women

    If a man from 50 years back took a time machine to today, got a glimpse and had a 5 minute conversation with women today, he would zip back in time. It’s not much of an argument to assert that women today are in steep decline. But the key questions are: how so and why?

    We’ll summarize the MGTOW awareness of the modern woman:

    Women are less feminine than they used to be.
    They have tattoos, they smoke, they drink (often heavily), they use profanity. They exhibit more aggression- terribly unpleasant in women. They raise their voice, they are combative. She walks with her chin up and male body posture.

    When women are not feminine, men cannot develop deep attraction to them.

    Women lack basic traits we value.
    A popular MGTOW blog articulated a set of traits the modern woman needs, and they are: Nurturing, Supportive, Responsibility, Respectfulness, Honesty. Women may have had these....once. Then along came feminism (for more: see The Great Regression).
    Rather than be nurturing, a woman has regressed to the point she is repulsed by the weakness in her male partner.
    She cringes when she sees it, feels contempt towards the man, and attempts to vine-swing to another man. A woman is hardly supportive. A woman will stick stubbornly to her plans and superimpose them over yours, because doing anything else would be “submissive”. The dreaded S word. They would rather scream and claw at you in the parking lot over trivia than show any sign of submission, also called being reasonable and sometimes agreeing with the other person.

    She avoids Responsibility because she has been taught all her life she is a Princess and can externalize her problems at the hand of society or men. Rather than be Respectful, she has a chip on her shoulder against men, a resentment that has been intentionally stirred up in her by feminists and a slanted media. A woman’s opportunism has never made her the most Honest; it’s just now, women can justify their untruths by saying “they felt threatened” or engage in trickle truth, and ultimately play the victim. A growing number of blue-pill men (made that way by feminist social engineering) usually give them a pass; women learn they can get away with it.

    Men want an asset in a relationship, not a liability. Without these traits, women are simply substandard men who impose on us their own agenda.

    Women are fat
    Men select women for genetic and physical fitness. Women select men for a variety of traits, including status. For this reason, it is even more important for women to be in shape. However, more women are obese than men.

    Men can always offer intelligence, status, money, and a steady, commanding presence. A woman’s appearance is crucial and increasingly women fail this basic standard.

    Women are defensive
    Women have a chip on their shoulder. This makes them unwilling to be vulnerable, open, smile. They are on the defensive against men, because they have been taught to be that way. They will lash out at a BF for simply saying something the wrong way. Much of a woman’s resentment against men arises out of her own failed sexual strategy; wherein she pursues men out of her league, who inevitably dump her. She blames men for this and not herself.

    Overcoming a woman’s resentment of men is more trouble than it’s worth.

    Women are delusional
    Women are delusional about their actual sexual market and relationship value. Because higher value men are willing to sleep with average women (but not commit), the average women mistakenly think they ‘deserve’ a man of that kind. When no one does, she refuses to accept her actual SMV and mate assortively with a man of similar SMV. She will end up becoming the reclusive superhero known as the Cat Lady, or become a Heroic Single Mom , or marry, be miserable, and always be pining for the alpha men she could never get.

    Women assume 80% of men are below-average. But society and the Twat Echo Chamber has always told her she’s beautiful. You can imagine the chaos this causes in the relationship marketplace.

    Feminism has Primed Women to Fight with Men
    When women come into a relationship hearing horror stories about how men “bully” women, any imagined slight becomes a reason to fight. Her “honor” depends on wearing the pants in the relationship. Her idea of being a “strong, independent” woman is not sacrifice on behalf of her man or her family. It is selfishly fighting for her own interests at the expense of others.

    The Cock Carousel Yields Damaged Women
    A woman is not the same after the cock carousel. She loses the ability to pair bond, she devalues any man who isn't alpha, she grows to resent and distrust men in general, she loses faith in love and only seeks to use men for her final life goal: having children in a socially acceptable vehicle of marriage. The relationship trauma of a hundred pump and dumps has injured her psyche and personality permanently. For more, see The Broken Woman.

    Women Want Alphas -- or Enter a Resentful Relationship with an 80%’er Male
    What we observe today is the cock carousel, where 20% of the men get the lion’s share of the women. This is how it was in the past, pre-traditionalism;
    no surprise then that their behavior today is the same because
    The Great Regression has regressed women to their jungle nature. From there, they develop Alpha Widow syndrome, forever pining over alpha males they couldn’t keep. They reset their expectations to that higher level of SMV in a man. Even average looking chicks are trying to score with alphas or otherwise be avoiders.

    Though some settle for beta males (or 80%’ers), they are rarely happy about it. Once primed with the jungle instinct, women cannot shift back into viewing relationships with their neo-cortex and taking the long view of compatibility. It is all about Tingles and 80%’ers don’t do it for her. Women typically resent their beta male life partners. Even when married, they yield to alphas and demonstrate alpha groupie behavior.

    By the time, some women are ready for assortative mating, they are both damaged (see “broken woman”) and they cannot value the mate they want to spend the rest of their life with. Some relationship! Don’t get me wrong, an 80%’er male can very much have a relationship or get married if he wants to -- but fewer and fewer want to, for reasons mentioned.

    The Modern Regressed Woman has a Jungle Mentality unconducive to Relationships
    The jungle mentality is a result of the regression to Paleolithic, pre-traditionalist instincts over traditional common sense. What this means is that a woman is processing her relationship world with her hindbrain, using hardwired instincts formed millennia ago. For all intents and purposes, she is still “in the jungle” as far as this region of the brain is concerned. This changes her mentality in many ways:

    • Hostility towards a Man's Problems: In the wild, women had contempt for male weakness because it jeopardized their survival. So when the regressed modern woman sees a man lose a social interaction, or have a cold, or suffer the loss of one of his parents passing, she loses attraction for him. She may even develop contempt for him. She will often go looking for another man if the weakness is too much. The one thing she won’t do is be there for him.

    • Alpha Worship & Vine-Swinging: the modern woman is always ready to vine swing. That’s why you hear women today say “I don’t believe relationship should be about hard work. If it’s work, why bother?”. They always have one foot out the door. 10 years hooked on alpha cock does not disappear overnight. The modern woman habituates to sexual strategy used; unlike men, she cannot compartmentalize and move on with her life. She will flirt with alpha males she sees in the restaurant, your friends, God forbid your boss - it will simply happen and she will be unapologetic about it, or even acting on it. Her cheating will be justified on an “amazing connection” she felt with a guy; any BS post-hoc rationalization to justify the drug-like high of Tingles that she refuses to stare down in her sexual prime and now has become an addiction.
    • The need for Tingles: the modern woman demands what she had in her 20s. Tingles. Even when married. This means she will constantly shit-test you and make you jump through hoops. You will need to maintain the perception of female options (a regressed woman only wants a pre-selected man with options who is choosing her to satisfy her narcissism). You will need to use dread game in order to keep her off balance and thinking you might be leaving her. Only through these psychological games can a modern woman be 'convinced' to remain in a relationship.

    A woman’s carousel or avoider behavior has altered her relationship approach permanently. It carries over into the relationship and creates massive headaches and unwanted behavior.

    Though a women was always opportunistic, traditionalism encouraged her to see the long-view, to know that life was about give and take. The erosion of traditionalism meant women defaulted to primitive instinct. In this world, Briffault’s Law is evermore important. In short, all man is good for is what he can do for her today; his past actions doesn’t accrue to the present. Men did not need traditionalism to retain future orientation- the understanding that relationships are built over time, to reciprocate over the long term. Women did. Without it, women are almost inhumanely opportunistic. It is a mindset that may have been fitting during the Paleolithic Era, but not now and certainly not the basis for a relationship.

    A long-term relationship cannot be built on a woman’s jungle mindset.

    The Broken Woman’s Guide to Dating
    Because a woman claims she has been played so often (ie: she knowingly chased bad boys who wouldn’t commit), she takes it out on 80%’ers she dates later on. She:

    • Makes them wait for sex: “I want to get to know you better”, “It’s special so it can wait”, “You’re not one of those guys?”. It may not be the "90 days" of 'Think Like a Man' but it can go on date after date after date. Why? Because it’s a shit-test to see if you’re a thirsty beta male. If you wait, you “passed” the test. A woman in some ways is using her sexuality against the man in a kind of delayed revenge against the men who lured her via Tingles; the 80%’er gets the payback, blue balls, and becomes the spreadsheet husband.
    • Insecurely raids his cell phone “because she’s been hurt before”, wants to know which girls he spends time with, cuts off friendships with single male friends -- and more, all in over-compensation for her relationship failures with more ‘prolific’ men before.

    The Entitlement of the Modern Woman Means “It’s her world”
    The modern woman gets the full “princess” treatment from society. She is a faultless angel. She can be “anything she wants” whereas young boys are scolded by largely female teachers growing up. An elite-funded media knowingly tips the scales in favor of women to create an adversarialism between men and women. Further, the sexual imbalance created by the majority of the women pursuing the same few men, means that the remaining men must tolerate a woman’s entitled mindset, or else. Women are simply not that interested in what a man wants from life; it’s her agenda, her friends. Chris Rock’s take on the modern woman is accurate, “and the focus is all about her. It's all about her. She's already there, fellas, she's waiting for you to come aboard. Fellas, when you wake up in the morning, you should look yourself in the mirror and say, "Fuck you. Fuck your hopes, fuck your dreams, fuck your plans….let’s go out there and try to make this bitch happy”. Almost every guy in a relationship can attest to the fact that women try to take you away from your friends, after play-acting they like your hobbies try to ridicule you for them so you spend less time on them. Her whole life, society put her first, and she’s not about to be second any time soon.

    The traits of entitlement have various aspects: egocentrism, solipsism, rationalization, and narcissism. None of which are pleasant.

    Men don’t want a competing agenda; they want someone who’s willing to compromise, there has to be give and take.

    The Bitchy Behavior of Women Ready to "Settle"
    You cannot go on a date with a woman who's a late-20-something or older and not realize it. They are angry, bitter. They have what's called a permascowl, forever frowning and seething. Sometimes it's called Resting Bitch Face or a bitch shield. On a date, they will demand to be provided for, quiz the man on whether he can cook for her, what kind of car he has. It's not an honest inquiry into his lifestyle, but a brutal and demanding (and angry) set of questions as though he himself is nothing without his capacity and willingness to support her in one way or another.

    Where does this come from? Two places. First, modern society has imbued in women unrealistic expectations of "having it all", but they have not mentioned to her that everything in this world takes work. She expected the C-suite position in corporate America by virtue of "equality in gender outcomes" between men and women but never earned it; she left work at 4:50 PM to do happy hour with her friends and the plum position never came. So too did Hollywood tell her that she was "special", a "princess" - and Prince Charming would waltz into her life. Her early 20's, the height of her sexual desirability, saw man after man proposition her. Never did she think she would have to cultivate the kind of personality that would make a man want to stay. And none did. She spent her life worshipping alphas, and now has to settle for an 80% man- and she is NOT happy about it, or where she is in life in general. Assuming (and not working towards) lofty expectations will do that to you.

    The second reason is relationship failure. The cumulative psychological toll of being fucked and chucked by dozens of men has left a permanent sense of bitterness against men. Whereas a woman's subconscious instinct has been programmed over millennia to never lash out against alphas (for fear of consequence), she feels she can comfortable displace her anger at being discarded by men over and again (even though it was by a different set of men) on the new 80% man she meets. He will have to pay for the fact that some guy banged her at a house party, and then walked out the door, never to return her texts.

    The average guy does not want to have the bitterness of 100 pump and dumps that a woman endured displaced on to him as a "reward" for being the one man in her life that may be interested in her long term.

    Ridiculous Selection Criteria
    Ever notice how women used to pick gentlemen, and now almost all of them want "bad boys", "players". Ever notice how a fair number of these guys are douches or guys going nowhere in life? None of this is by accident. This is a result of the Great Regression. It is women choosing based on primitive instinct hypergamy , valuing social and physical dominance, rather than the actual value of a man or long-term compatibility. Upper bicep tattoo - good. Steady, well, paying job like accountant - bad (as it's boring). Mysterious, criminal past - good. Decent, respectful man- bad (as it's boring). The modern man is walking through a world that has been flipped on its head. In most cases, Actual Value is inversely proportional to Sexual Market Value. Women are unknowingly pursuing men with traits that would advantage them in 30,000 BC. Most men don't want to live down to that standard today.

    If attracting women means being something men don't want to be, they may simply pass.
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    Re: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    Well said! I wish i was as eloquent and well spoken.

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    Re: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    Well said! when i read the las part " If attracting women means being something men don't want to be, they may simply pass" its soo true im the kind of guy that is a nice guy no tatoos or pircings or any of that sh*t. But i do try 95% too be as congruent and not give a F*ck if a girl liked what i like doing. Lots of times i have been able to "get" a girl by my confidence face too face and know how too talk too them but its a hassel lots of time and sometimes dosent work why? becose i dont have tatoos or been too jail or any of that BS but i got money but i dont show it why? i tell them 2 things : 1.OK your good looking just like me and the 99% of girls in the world, club you best have something else im going too be tired of you if not. With that lots of times if the girl REALLY wants too know me will prove her self and we got the GAME going if not they dont and i dont waste my time with a preaty face girl. Oh and i do tell them that that is not going too last they get angry with me and leave or insult me or they prove them selfes too me with other qualitys. 2.Never tell them i have cash i dont want a golddigger.

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    Re: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    Quote Originally Posted by jagrmeister View Post
    The Bitchy Behavior of Women Ready to "Settle"
    You cannot go on a date with a woman who's a late-20-something or older and not realize it. They are angry, bitter. They have what's called a permascowl, forever frowning and seething. Sometimes it's called Resting Bitch Face or a bitch shield.
    There is now software to measure the level of Resting Bitch Face in women !!!:

    Download the article before CNN caves to a tsunami of SJWs and removes it.

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    Re: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    I think women before were good and should be a model. Compare to now, they are also good in their on ways. It will just depend on how the eyes of the beholder will interpret it.

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    Re: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    Quote Originally Posted by Gladimeir15 View Post
    I think women before were good and should be a model. Compare to now, they are also good in their on ways. It will just depend on how the eyes of the beholder will interpret it.
    So women before, when they were more of parasites than ever were good? HOW.
    they may be bitchier and more entitled now, but how is that any worse?

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