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    Feminism is a particular, specific version of Marxism.

    Marxism divides the world into an oppressed class and an oppressing class. The oppressing class is guilty of some "notorious crime" against the oppressed class. Every member of the oppressing class is jointly guilty of this crime, even if they don't know it.

    In Marx's original formulation, the Oppressed, Oppressor, and Notorious Crime were the proletariat, the bourgeoisie, and the systematic theft of labour.

    In feminism, the first two are all women and all men, but the 'notorious crime' has changed a bit.

    (Feminists don't say 'men', they prefer to say 'the patriarchy'. They claim that this is not the same as 'men', but this is a lie. 'The Patriarchy' simply means all men everywhere considered as a political class. If you are a man, then you are a member of The Patriarchy whether you admit it or not.)

    In first wave feminism, the notorious crime was political suppression. Simply - the right to vote. This was somewhat before Marxism was really a thing, so perhaps feminist thought in the 1900's wasn't fully-constellated Marxism.

    In second wave feminism, the notorious crime was keeping the women chained to the kitchen. Forbidding them to own their own money and be independent.

    In third wave feminism, the notorious crime that all men commit against all women is rape. Pure and simple.

    It's important to note that in third wave feminist thought, all men are necessarily rapists, all the time. It follows logically. Anytime there is any kind of interaction between a member of the oppressing class (a man), and a member of the oppressed class (a woman), then the notorious crime (rape) will have been committed. It's merely a matter of working out how - in what mode - the crime played out. Oh sure, sometimes it can be difficult to winkle it out. Sometimes it's not so much in the actual act, but in the act's context. But it's always there if you look hard enough.

    Rape (even, if not especially, "rape-rape") is committed by all men on all women. The personal is political. Any specific instance of actual rape is merely a shadow in Plato's cave cast by the more general reality of universal rape, and relatively unimportant in itself. A woman was raped? Of course she was raped! This is simply par for the course. The problem is women who mistakenly think that they weren't. Those women need some consciousness-raising.

    You're a rapist. All the time. Everywhere. No exceptions.


    PS: note how curiously similar this is to the idea of sin. Everyone is a sinner, whether they realise it or not - especially if they think they aren't. You're a sinner just by dint of standing around and breathing, living in rebellion against God. Yes, Marxism is basically a religion, and the religion it is is hellfire christianity (i.e., with the salvific bits removed - Marxist sinners are irredeemable) with some of the words changed.
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