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    If you're not MGTOW you MUST watch this video

    The Princess and the Plow Horse

    All through history it was men who built the world and their payment has always been jealousy and scorn, but now we know better and that horse has left the barn!

    If you are still cowtowing to the dames then YOU are the still their horse!

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    Re: If you're not MGTOW you MUST watch this video

    Alison Tieman is one of the original Honey Badgers - just so's you know. Looks like her cartoon work, sounds like she's narrating.

    You're absolutely right, T; anyone who's still "picking up the load" for women, in the workplace, or financially, or out of "trying to be the good guy," is dragging Princess's plow. Horse up, simps, or Man OUT!
    "The Red Pill is the start of the journey, not the end." - Chairborne

    "Our most dangerous enemies are men who have no loyalty to men." - William Noy

    "I am not going to sacrifice my freedom and wealth for your ideals." - Primus Pilus

    "If you can't be happy on you're own, you can't be happy -- full stop." - Wilfred

    My introduction: I Was MGTOW When MGTOW Wasn't Cool...

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    Re: If you're not MGTOW you MUST watch this video

    ...and they wonder why men are on strike.....
    "I live in freedom, under my own flag." - Captain Harlock

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C Clarke

    "Who's the more foolish? The Fool? Or the Fool who follows him?" - Obi-wan "Ben" Kenobi

    "In servitutem redigi non recuso" - Latin (translates to "I refuse to be dominated.")

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