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    Hypergamy: (1) The female survival instinct to identify the best possible male to breed with and raise her young. (2) The pre-Wall urge to mate with the hottest, most exciting stud on the cock-carousel (emphasis on: dominance and social status) - see "Alpha Fux." (3) The post-Wall quest to latch onto to male with provider resources (emphasis on: availability, "doormat" qualities, and financial resources) - see "Beta Bux." (4) The eternal feminine urge to "trade-up" to the next "Bigger, Better Deal." as well as to quit on a male for failing dominance tests (shit-tests, holding frame, get stepped on by other males) during Pre-Wall phase and failing to provide resources (lose job, mismanage money) during Post-Wall phase.

    Extended Explanation

    I'll begin by saying most definitions on hypergamy on the web are unhelpful.

    They will tell you that hypergamy means "marrying up" or a woman forming a relationship with a man of higher status. Wikipedia will even explain to you how hypergamy was practiced during the Ottoman Empire!

    But you want to know what hypergamy means for you, today. Let's begin with the traditional definition:

    A woman's tendency to "marry up" or form a relationship with a man of higher status

    The key question- how do you define "status". And this is what feminism has altered radically. It used to be that being a decent man, gainfully employed, who was thought highly of by the respective families, by the community had "status". The man had Actual Value. However, along came feminism. Feminism made female instincts and emotions primary. All social influence over a woman's mate selection was hereby eradicated. Family approval of the man went out the window. Society's recommendation of seeking out a productive, caring husband went out the window. In other words, a rational assessment of mate selection oriented around long-term relationship success in the modern world went out the window. In a world where female emotions rule, women unconsciously fall back on their primitive biological instinct, pre-civilization mate selection criteria which unbeknownst to them, searches for qualities in a man that would aid her survival circa 20,000 BC. Dominance (social dominance), muscles, aggression, dark triad traits. It's why women chase "assholes" or "bad boys". These men are said to give women "gina tingles", or raw arousal for a male. As you can see women have regressed to a Primitive Instinct (a woman can ofter overwhelm her Primitive Instinct when she's 30+ in order to be more realistic and secure a man to provide her with comfort and financial resources during and after childbirth).

    Civilization has changed far faster than human biology, but women have not gotten the memo. The man that may have aided their survival millennia ago may only knock them up and leave them, or find his way back to jail again today. Whereas women would always be biologically attracted to the "bad boy" type, in the past, society's traditional culture superimposed mate selection preferences that oriented her towards a man who was most likely to be compatible with her, stable, more likely to form a long-term loving bond, and treat her well. Those days are now over and the Primitive Instinct reigns supreme.

    Primitive-Instinct hypergamy doesn't just change what a woman is looking for but her entire perspective of selection, relationships, and ethics concerning monogamous relationships. She has regressed to a pre-civilization sexual behavior life script and jungle mentality; the regression broadly impacts her behavior with men:

    • Women want the man who features the best traits, AS DEFINED by Primitive Instinct. (this does NOT mean finding the best man, by objective standards or by today's standards) Particularly, women put an emphasis on finding a dominant man as opposed to a good man.
    • Women are increasingly hyper-selective about men, adopting a "never settle" mentality. Hypergamy means dividing the male world into winners and losers; with 80% of men falling into the latter category (as further evidence, see OKCupid's study showing women found 80% of men below-average; also see this analysis). They would rather be alone than date a man of their equal SMV (at least until they hit 30).
    • Women value dominance so much that they choose it over exclusivity. As modern women prove in their 20s if not beyond, they would rather share an Alpha* with other women, then date a Beta exclusively.
    • Women, surrendering to their Primitive Instinct, feel more comfortable pursuing their hypergamous instincts while in a relationship. This means they feel justified in pursuing a more dominant man WHILE they are in a relationship or marriage. They feel more justified flirting with a more dominant man in front of or behind the back of their significant others.
    • A woman's modern hypergamous nature (the increased importance of a small number of dominant men) leads to them ignoring, mistreating, or otherwise taking non-dominant men for granted. She will often take her "beta" or 80%'er boyfriend for granted.
    • A woman will quit on her man with the slightest provocation; especially in relation to his dominance relative to other men. Again, a woman is not selecting a best long-term mate. She is unconsciously applying a jungle-survival mentality when it comes to mate selection. This means if a man "loses frame" in an interaction, or shows minor weakness (ie: physical ailment), she will use that as a reason to move on. This is how Primitive-Instinct hypergamy functions. There is little romantic about it.

    Hypergamy in women has always existed. The difference is that feminism today has replaced society's traditional guidance for women, allowing female hypergamy to be unconstrained by better judgment, morality, or reason. It is now untethered and that has radically changed female behavior in the last 30 years.

    Primitive Instinct hypergamy may also be called Unrestrained hypergamy. This is because though women have always had hypergamous instincts, human civilization had always tamed these instincts through social mores. Feminism has done away with these "impositions". With the "old rules" gone, female hypergamy is unrestrained or unrepressed.

    Additional Reading:
    On Hypergamy
    Vine-Swingers Meet their Fate

    *Women preferring exclusive company of top 20% of men. See: The Atlantic

    -Last year, a former management consultant named Susan Walsh tried to dig a little deeper. She applied what economists call the Pareto principle—the idea that for many events, roughly 20 percent of the causes create 80 percent of the effects—to the college dating market, and concluded that only 20 percent of the men (those considered to have the highest status) are having 80 percent of the sex, with only 20 percent of the women (those with the greatest sexual willingness); the remaining 80 percent, male and female, sit out the hookup dance altogether. As Walsh puts it, most of the leftover men are “have nots” in terms of access to sex, and most of the women—both those who are hooking up and those who are not—are “have nots” in terms of access to male attention that leads to commitment. ....One of Walsh’s pet observations pertains to what she calls the “soft harem,” where high-status men (i.e., the football captain) maintain an “official” girlfriend as well as a rotating roster of neo-concubines, who service him in the barroom bathroom or wherever the beer is flowing. “There used to be more assortative mating,” she explained, “where a five would date a five. But now every woman who is a six and above wants the hottest guy on campus, and she can have him—for one night.”
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