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    'Gina tingles


    'Gina Tingles (also "vagina tingles", "tingles") refers to the sexual excitement women feel towards a man, typically towards Alpha males. It refers to instantaneous biological impulses and not any rational assessment of the man's nature or appearance.


    There is a difference in lust between men and women. More specifically, there is a difference between men and women in their ability to manage their lust.

    A man can stare at a woman's tits and be turned on. He may even sleep with the woman. But he won't marry her; he won't confuse short-term attraction with long-term compatibility. He won't ignore all warning the signs the woman is not long-term relationship material, turn off his sense of reason with respect to how he is being treated in the relationship, or use his mere attraction to her breasts as the sole reason to form an LTR or marriage with the woman. While both men and women have raw sexual attraction to the opposite gender, the impulse in women takes on a much broader scope which blinds entirely their sense of reason. Unlike men, women will confuse their sexual attraction for love and allow it to skew their perception of the male's traits over the long term. Men may follow sexual attraction to have sex, and then rationally assess there is no compatibility whereas women will follow a socially dominant man to the ends of the Earth even if that man mistreats her, will not commit to an LTR, or shows obvious signs of incompatibility. Women are strictly unable to use their rationality to curb their subconscious instincts and therefore 'gina tingles function like a drug in a woman's system- one who's effect she cannot properly control.
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