Ghosting, in the context of MGTOW, has varying interpretations but generally refers to withdrawing oneself from interaction from not just women but society in general. Whereas almost all MGTOWs see the pointlessness of LTRs with women, Ghosts represent a subset of MGTOW who withdraw not just from women but from social obligation and social interaction. Ghosts see the society as increasingly hostile to them in a myriad of ways and there remove themselves from its influence and refuse to participate in society and those influenced by it in various ways. This idea may be influenced by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Ghosts seek to "unplug" themselves from the system in ways beyond simply refusing to date; but also achieving economic independence by freelancing or minimizing their tax obligations. Some ghosts cut themselves off from social interactions in general and make no effort to cultivate friends or socialize.