Woman who is or has rode on the cock carousel.

IE: "You think Nikki would make a good girlfriend you could one day marry? She's a carousel chick and has spread her legs for at least 20 different guys."


The "old rules" of society prevented women from following the primitive mating instincts in a way that would give them long term psychological damage, and ensure they would preserve their health and sanity to make effective long-term partners to men in modern civilization. This was the basis of what is now derided as "slut shaming". Because feminism has told society no such guidance can be given to women, the Primitive Instinct in women reigns supreme. Because evolution did not largely function on a woman's choices as far as agency and mate selection, there was no feedback loop that would improve their judgment in this respect. This is the basis of female hypoagency. As a consequence, there is no reason to assume that women, just because riding the Carousel is a failed effort to identify a quality long-term mate, will, as a gender, adapt. Instead, it appears they will keep riding the Carousel, high on 'gina tingles, and will end up being discarded time and again, until their mind fractures post-wall and hope for the best in the marriage marketplace. As more men accept the Red Pill and reject such women ("marriage strike"), it is likely that the number of unmarried women and single moms will increase. What is less likely is that women will recognize the faults of their dating behavior and change.

The majority of Western women ride the Carousel; women of all strata of academic backgrounds, wealth, professions participate in it, and in that sense is another data point validating the idea of AWALT, that biological and cultural forces impact women across the board. Not all women are Carousel riders but those that are often have distinguishing behavior.