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    Beta Bailout


    The Beta Bailout (or sometimes "Beta Bailout Package") is a woman selecting a Beta Male to marry after riding the Cock Carousel. The beta male "bails the woman out" from a lifetime of bad relationship decisions, providing a stable, supportive doormat who offers the woman financial support (his steady income), logistical support (energy and time to look after the home, her and her children), and emotional support (serving as an emotional tampon for the woman). In exchange, he gets ever-dwindling half-hearted sex and the hollow satisfaction of being "chosen" by a woman.


    Beta males are often surprised when the kind of woman who refused to acknowledge his presence during her 20s, suddenly shows interest in him in her 30s (or in her late 20s). He is smitten. After all, today, with women following primitive instinct hypergamy, the beta male (80% of the male population) is routinely ignored during his 20s when women are chasing alpha dick. In other words, he is "thirsty". He is often insecure of his place in relationships with women, desperate for female attention. He is also often naive and ignorant about relationship dynamics having been on the sidelines for so long. When a woman finally approaches or is receptive to his interest, he charges forward into an LTR, followed by marriage & children, never once considering whether he was accepting a raw deal. Such is the desperation of a thirsty beta male who ends up serving as a beta bailout to a Carousel Chick.

    Time-bomb female freakouts happen at 30. They wish to be rescued. A time-bomb chick's biological clock is ticking in such a manner that her Primitive Instinct, in desperation, is seeking almost any partner to serve as a lifelong human wallet. She feels the pull of "baby rabies" (the strong biological desire in women to have children). While some guys think the female's desperation benefits them, they fail to see how her Carousel riding has oriented the woman for life to rely on her primitive instinct in how she relates to men -- and this often causes problems in the future (her having zero respect for non-alpha males, hypergamous behavior- cheating, endless sh*t tests, disrespecting their partner in front of a male they believe is "more dominant"). A carousel chick's dating instincts during her 20s taught her that self-centered relationship behavior (trading up, satisfying their instincts on crushes while dating someone else, etc.) is a-okay, and a soulless twat doesn't turn into a lady overnight, if at all. Whatever lack of respect the women showed themselves and their partners during their 20s automatically carries forward into their 30s out of inertia and habit.

    When time-bombing chicks come to a guy at 30, and they know he hasn't had much of a relationship history, they often rightfully assume the guy is as or more desperate than she is. By walling off the escort option through social pressure and trumped-up campaigns (ie: human trafficking) for many men who dare not violate social norms, society has in fact backed men into a corner - so that he largely surrenders to the fast-approaching land whale. Having no toolset developed over years on how to deal with women, a time-bombing land whale can often outmanuever the 30-something relationship-novice male into marriage. The male is simply so gratified that a female has finally shown interest and somehow validated him, that he can scarcely focus on her selfish motives for rushing him to the altar.

    Increasingly, because of MGTOWs, beta males in their 30s are telling similarly-aged time-bombing females to move on. And increasingly, these women are having to choose between living the broken life of being a single mom or going barren.
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