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    Alpha Male / Beta Male


    An Alpha male is the dominant male in a group. In the context of male-female relations, Alpha takes on a specific context. The Alpha male is a man who broadly has standing with other men, he has social status and is socially dominant. Often, this means being: tall, masculine in appearance, large facial structure, deep voice, verbally and socially tactful, extroverted, popular, and confident (it sometimes also means: loud, aggressive). Alphas have high SMV to women. A rough estimate is that 20% of the male population is Alpha.

    A Beta male is a male who is not Alpha. There are more complex definitions, and never-ending ways to divide men (Gamma, Omega, etc.) but we believe the key distinction is between Alpha and Beta because the way women respond to one versus the other is night and day - in everyday interactions and in relationship behavior. A rough estimate is that 80% of the male population is Beta.


    In a world where feminism has regressed women to Primitive Instinct hypergamy, the Alpha typically has features that aided in a woman's survival in the pre-civilization era - these are seen as desirable by a woman's hindbrain in the 21st century. This includes: muscular build and dark triad traits. Much of PUA (pick up artistry) is about teaching everyday men how to emulate qualities of a natural alpha male. Women treat Alphas different than the rest of the male population; many women almost exclusively date and have sex with Alphas during their 20s as part of the Cock Carousel. It has been observed that feminism has caused an increase in sexual focus of women towards Alphas, likely due to increased Primitive Instinct hypergamy. "Alpha" can be contextual based on situational status, is impacted by other factors (money, fame, social proof, cultural peculiarities), and can manifest differently sometimes based on characteristics of the woman (ie: women in their 20s may see a waiter with a coke habit as "alpha" for being socially dominant but a woman in her mid 30s may see a lawyer with professional status as "alpha").

    Betas are often ignored by women in their 20s, or they are dated but taken for granted, or they are in "it's complicated" relationships with women who then 'upgrade' when an alpha comes along. They are treated as disposable until they and women are in their 30s at which point they are viewed as a utility by women, who play-act for a year or so to court his favor, get married, and are subsequently taken for granted again.

    The terms Alpha and Beta are sometimes misused. For example, sometimes people mistakenly claim that Alpha men are "better" men, more capable, etc. That men should strive to be "Alphas" to be true men. It should be noted that all Alpha means in the context of relationships is having traits that give men higher SMV in a world where women function with Primitive Instinct hypergamy. Sometimes, that can mean being a worse human being; for example: being narcissistic and two-faced are dark triad traits which studies have shown women find attractive. Having tattoos is a plus for women, but a negative to get the corner office in the workplace and advance in life. Women have been shown to be drawn to men with a shady criminal past. None of these things mentioned make a better man. But they can get you more p*ssy. The distinction should be clear.

    The key issue here is that Alpha/Beta distinction is being made with reference to appeal to women, not the objective quality of a man. It is questionable whether Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, or Masayoshi Son would be considered "Alpha" in the context given. An introverted but stoic miner with a humble, self-effacing manner might not be perceived as Alpha by women, though he is manly and respected by other men. Beta males hold dominant positions in the workplace, as inventors, as writers, in all walks of life. Some are dominant and have high status in different contexts, if not at the bar or club. The use of the term Actual Value allows people to distinguish the quality of men without considering their appeal to women. We might even say Bill Gates is an Alpha in Actual Value but a Beta in Sexual Market Value. Similarly, a bouncer at a club may be an Alpha in SMV (especially at his place of work), but a Beta in Actual Value. Status and dominance are situational (social status, professional status, community standing) and Alpha/Beta used colloquially, especially here and in Red Pill communities, refers merely to the context of women and relationships.
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