Actual Value (AV) are traits that objectively make for a good person leading a meaningful life. They allow one to effectively navigate life, maximize well being, and allow one to achieve one's goals. Actual Value stands in contrast to Sexual Market Value (SMV) which refers to qualities or traits that the other gender finds sexually attractive. While there may be some overlap between AV and SMV, it is thought in the modern world, in large part due to feminism's regression of women to Primal Instinct hypergamy, SMV and AV are more misaligned than ever. MGTOWs focus on maximizing Actual Value.


Without thinking about it, most people rate men in terms of their "success" with women. We hear glowingly about a "ladies man", a dashing, "attractive" gentleman. Even men rate other men higher, subconsciously often, if they have pull with women. An over sexualized society which has given undue importance to women and one's relation to them has elevated the significance of SMV to unreal levels. Actual Value is a return to sanity, seeking to objectively measure a man in terms of his actual ability, behavior, morals, and character.

Actual Value are traits that objectively make for a good person leading a meaningful life; actual ability, actual traits of good character. Let's start with the most basic- character: a fundamentally decent human being. Honest. Trustworthy. Strong. Resilient. Resourceful. These are traits of someone who is a good friend, a good worker, a good person all around to know. Then there are abilities- someone who is intelligent, has practical skills, a sense of humor. Finally,there are what he does- activities, interests, his job. A guy could be tall, loud, and aggressively boss other people around and have high SMV- but he could be a total f*ck-up at life as well.

The biggest confusion from these two very different standards are the use of the terms Alpha and Beta. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have contributed a great deal to the economy and are CEOS and geniuses.When we instinctively give value based on SMV, we could consider these men Betas. Same with Nobel Prize Winners. Using the warped measuring stick of Alpha and Beta, these men don't measure up. The waiter with a coke habit however is an Alpha. If feminine rating of men becomes complete (implicitly accepted by the PUA notion of "being Alpha"), it would mean men would live DOWN to the standards of the newly constituted SMV of the modern woman. "Winning" at that game would mean choosing only fashionable interests/hobbies, taking vacations only to places that look good on Facebook, focusing time on wardrobe and peacocking rather than meaningful pursuits (or even things we enjoy). When someone asks Alpha and Beta, it is fine if only in the context of SMV and women. A fair response would be-"Those are terms that refer to a man's standing with women. The real question is- what is the person's Actual Value".

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