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Dad's mixed up in this somehow. Ain't sure about mom, but dad is. He bought the gun a week before the shooting, that can't be accidental. I wouldn't be surprised if he don't turn out to be the rotten apple in this barrel. At least one of them.

If the parents weren't up to something, I don't think they'd be facing the charges they are. I know the laws not always to be trusted, but this time somethings going on.

Don't feel bad Jackoff, this one's got us baffled too. Usually, the kid steals the gun.
I wouldn’t rule the mom out either.

She may have provoked the dad in to the whole thing:

“Aren’t you going to teach your son to stand up for himself? What sort of man are you?”

In one fell swoop she gets rid of her family and inherits everything leaving her to move on to her next victim.

The text message being her exoneration: “But it had nothing to do with me, I’m just a woman trying to deal with men stuff. It was all them your honour. I knew nothing about it until it was too late.”

Very cynical of me I know, but how many of us have been peed up to do something that we wouldn’t normally think of by a woman, only for her to turn around and deny all liability?