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    Women prove they dont understand humor and confidence

    Dont ask me why, but i clicked on this dumb article and had to comment.

    When i used to browse the dating profiles, i would always see women looking for " A man that is confident, and can make me laugh".
    Today's females dont seem to understand ANY humor and always need to make it out to some sort of slight against them. Here's a very good example from the article:

    Sam then went on to shame Katie for ordering a whiskey after their meal, instead of a dessert. "Maybe that's her version of dessert," he said.
    This isnt shaming. Not even close. If anything, i would just consider it a joke. After all, whiskey IS my version of dessert!
    One asshat on twatter responded with:

    (Duh bro, she's awesome let her drink her whiskey)
    Like him saying that is somehow oppressing her, and not allowing her to drink. He never said "No, you cannot drink" so why the assumption he thinks this way? This need to constantly vilify every little thing that comes out of a man's mouth is so commonplace these days, that no one even calls it out anymore for what it is... sexism against men from women who need to play victim. "He must be oppressing me because... he's speaking!"

    Sam can't find a relationship because he's "too funny and interesting for most people, and that can come off as threatening."Ok, Sam, sure, let's go with that.
    People on Twitter aren't having it with this guy's humblebrag, and aren't shy to say it.
    What this retarded cunt calls 'humblebrag' is actually just a mixture of humor and confidence. Nothing wrong with that, after all, it's what most women are looking for in a partner, according to many dating profiles out there. Obviously he was correct that people are easily threatened by his humor. They just proved him right by getting offended over nothing.

    The first photo on the article tells us alot about how 'hard' women are trying when it comes to dating..

    So to summarize:

    EVERYTHING a man says is bad and oppressive even when he's joking, and anything that even slightly resembles confidence should be called out as arrogance and he should be shamed for it. Women are always perfect, should never be shamed for anything ever, and should never have to wear normal clothes on a date. Good luck dating, you blue-pilled shmucks!
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    Re: Women prove they dont understand humor and confidence

    women in a nutshill:

    Sad, but one day our kids will have to visit museums to see what a lady looks like.

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    Re: Women prove they dont understand humor and confidence

    Being shallow, picky and cheap is what women do, then get offended when someone returns the favor. He showed as much concern as your average female would, but that's not good enough. Where'd that horrible Sam learn those dirty tricks anyway? Suppose women might of given him a hard lesson or two? Oh right, that's different.

    Sorry ladies, we're all equal now. Do better next time, or get used to it.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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