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    Re: Women need to start demonstrating value again

    They have a negative value. No, you cannot change nature. It is like the law of physics. They bare the babies. They need to suck energy in.
    That's it.

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    Re: Women need to start demonstrating value again

    Women have basically priced themselves out of the market. I can cook, clean and manage my own home. And there's nothing wrong with my hand.

    But if I didn't want to be bothered with doing those things myself, I could hire a cook, a maid and a pro to handle things for me. And odds are, I could do all of those things a few times a month and still save money as compared to the costs of being married.

    Meanwhile, a wife today either can't do any of those things or else she'd whine and complain about having to do them.

    Most modern women simply have nothing to offer to most modern men. It's easy to see how women benefit from commitment and marriage. But nobody has ever been able to show me even five benefits that men can get only from commitment and marriage.

    Even if you want to ignore the likelihood of divorce (and the consequential financial and psychological damage it causes), there's simply no reason to commit to a woman anymore.

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    Re: Women need to start demonstrating value again

    There value hasn't changed for me. They still consist of a series of penis pleasing holes.

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