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    Re: Women hating on you for no reason?

    As I see it, women predominantly hate themselves. And I actually can understand. If I was in her shoes I'd loathe myself for not being able to accomplish things, being dependent on men and all the clown world BS is purely roleplaying.
    Also women can't take accountability for themselves. Nothing is ever her fault, remember?
    So they are projecting their self hatred towards others. Men and women the same. I think all their insane behavior comes from that deep self loathing.

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    Re: Women hating on you for no reason?

    Even before being RP'd I got along with women at work well. But I do have an instance when I really got hated on for apparently no reason. I was friends with a coworker, no romantic interest but I guess she would be considered attractive. I thought we got along great. After I got promoted, she not only asked for a transfer, but was combative and started weird rumors about me. It even led to an argument in the office in front of several people. Then I got called in to the Big Boss's office. I had a great answer when he asked if this would impact the business, I said 'No, we are both too professional to let this impact our jobs' (lol, she didnt get the transfer)

    I actually meant that she was professional, because I never had a problem with her after I called her out in the argument

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