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    Woman Meets Her True Online Nigerian Prince? Cost: $6.5Million . . .

    Marietta man indicted in online romance scam that cost Virginia woman $6.5 million
    "Online romance scams have become more and more common in recent years, but few have cost their victims $6.5 million.

    Nnamdi Marcellus MgBodile is charged with 20 counts of bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit bank fraud, Pak said in a news release. MgBodile is also accused of a business email compromise (BEC) scam in which he and others attempted to defraud a Georgia company out of nearly $350,000.
    “Online romance scams and business email compromise frauds have increasingly become the method of choice for transnational fraudsters targeting U.S. residents and companies,” Pak said. “In this case, a single victim allegedly lost millions.”

    Commenters: "One question....If the genders were reversed and a guy got fleeced by a woman would the courts intervene? I think not....EQUALITY !! So women want equality until it fleeces them monetarily? The article labels this woman as “vulnerable”....from what little detail the article actually gives I would consider this woman just a fool . If this were a man getting ripped off people would just laugh and call him an idiot thinking with the wrong head . So am I supposed to feel sorry for this females idiotic transfer of MILLIONS to to mugambi ono iliedtoadumbbroad ? NOPE its called EQUALITY ladies..ah gee I can’t call a female a lady can I? I know the onoiliedtoadumbbroad will be #1 and she can be #2.....there just a number all EQUAL....niceeeeeeee."

    "does that mean I won’t get my money from the general’s plane crash in Nigeria?"

    A woman lost 6 million? .. How many men lost their assets in divorce court last year? . 6 million is a Monday’s docket alone."

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    Re: Woman Meets Her True Online Nigerian Prince? Cost: $6.5Million . . .

    Good for her! Who is stupid enough to transfer that much money(or any amount of money for that matter) to someone online? It's karma. Think of all the money she swindled from men over her life time. She got it done to her now she is the victim. Oh boo hoo hoo! Start a telethon! Some SJW group will probably come to her defense and pay her legal bills.

    I don't feel sorry for her. After a lifetime of being screwed over by women.....Dont get me started. Wanna talk about divorce? I got divorce raped on PROVEN lies but the judge and my worthless attorney let them be admissible.

    I wish I could laugh in this woman's face!

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    Re: Woman Meets Her True Online Nigerian Prince? Cost: $6.5Million . . .

    Meh...actions have consequences; nobody forced her to send $$.

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    Re: Woman Meets Her True Online Nigerian Prince? Cost: $6.5Million . . .

    Women have their version of the thirsty simp too! We're gonna see allot more of this as the aging feminists get that much more past the wall.

    Life's sentence on the wall is one that's on and after, 1st they hit the wall, then the bricks keep falling on their heads until they're immobilized under a pile of bricks.

    I don't make the rules, I just understand them...

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    Re: Woman Meets Her True Online Nigerian Prince? Cost: $6.5Million . . .

    I don't understand this. I wouldn't even transfer $5 to a stranger....
    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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