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    Woman booked for sexually exploiting minor boy in Ludhiana

    LUDHIANA: A 31-year-old woman was booked here on Sunday for allegedly sexually exploiting and blackmailing a minor boy, who used to take tuitions from her, police said.

    The victim is a class eight student and his family lives as a tenant in a house owned by the father of the accused, they said.

    The woman allegedly forced the 14-year-old boy into having physical relationship with her, they said.

    The woman threatened to kill the boy if he did not meet her demand.

    She also made a video and started blackmailing the boy, SHO Dharm Pal said, adding, this continued for several months.

    Later, the victim told about the entire case to his father, who then approached the police.

    A case under various sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 (POCSO) has been registered against the woman today, police said, adding, the accused was absconding.

    The police have taken possession of the objectionable video and further investigation in the case is on.

    Link: Times of India, 19 Oct 2014

    I am not sure what feminists have to say about this. Would they call this rape??? Also the identity of the woman has not been disclosed.
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    Re: Woman booked for sexually exploiting minor boy in Ludhiana

    Feminists would call it "he got lucky, what's your problem, it's all Patriarchy, he really raped her because rape-culture. And ghee."

    I would guess the identity of the woman has not been disclosed because, you know, Patriarchy. It is in the true nature of the Patriarchy to protect women, including protecting them from the consequences of their actions - even when they rape.

    (One suggestion: If you quote an outside source, it'd be nice to provide a link.)
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    Re: Woman booked for sexually exploiting minor boy in Ludhiana

    women are operating 100% on their lizard brain.

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    Re: Woman booked for sexually exploiting minor boy in Ludhiana

    I can see why you might post this, but Principles speaks about this:
    Appreciate if you wouldn't:

    Post random articles about some woman committing some random crime – articles/posts that dwell on negativity or an exaggerated profile of women
    It's worth noting women molest too, although the rates of molestation higher amongst men than women.

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