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    Why do postwall barbies get botox lips

    So they can score a free happy meal with a new toy after fucking Ronald McDonald over . Lol

    I like keeping fit but it is not to gain from others approval or wants . Its not to gain materials from others . Its not to seduce or put across image . All those traits are womanly postwall traits . Postwalls ride is over and its panic mode after years of free shit and a multitude of cock . Even botox in both sets of lips will not reset the clock .

    Hitting the wall causes fear and panic when they realize its over hanging on by the finger tips . Its a reality wake up wich they don't wake up too . The fucked up personality they have ran on for so long is unchangeable leading to a greater speed in the postwall process as the angry i can't get what i want anymore pissed off face adds to the creases . No matter what the cost of thin lizzy usage goes the advance ment to a trowel to smear it on . The bright coloured hair dye is a last ditch effort in their confusion of what the fuck is happening to my face syndrome wich follows by the wicked witch i am melting shock syndrome its my hormones deficiency .

    Anger and domineering in the postwall comes with their belief it is their womanly right in old age because they are now prehistoric with a wealth of life expierence (in fucking shit up) . Note how postwalls will assert they are correct for what men should do and think . Feminist dementia

    It's a clown world and i will use it for fun . Nfg turned to max . I don't want to fit in following the crowd . I go my own way wich is many and confusing to others . There is nothing to repair because i embrace what i am . Fuck everbodies wants i go my own way .

    I sometimes watch rich barbies work out and always think to myself how much money will these be spending on the fight against hitting the wall . Its funny as there is a postwall work out an hour later . The druelling manginas have left like a flock of seagulls by this time . I study them too like David attenborough . Studying the postwall barbie's with no attention around is funny as fuck . There is no unsticking from that wall .

    If the excuse for botox is because they have had a hard life then they should stay away from men and not affect other men . That would be the kind loving thing to do . But no its what they want full of destruction like a toddler till the bitter end .

    They should learn to love them selves first and not rely on others in order to love themselves .

    The postwall barbie in search of a ken doll mangina wallet . No chads were filmed in this video viewer discretion is advised .
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    Re: Why do postwall barbies get botox lips

    Botox lips are for the purpose of firing up Pussy v. 2.0 after pussy v. 1.0 dries out and caves in like an 1881 abandoned Arizona silver mine.

    Plump it up, paint it red, and surly as a Venus fly trap, you'll find a dick stuck in it!
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    Re: Why do postwall barbies get botox lips

    Lol as if we would find prostitutes features attractive while looking for a woman to settle down.

    I never liked the full red lipstick on lips even in young girls...let alone the botox lips that scream second class porn star.

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