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    What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    As I have documented on a number of occasions, the Left ruins everything it touches. There is no exception. From universities to high schools and now including even elementary schools, to late-night TV, to sports, to the arts and, increasingly, science, the Left is a destruction machine.
    And nowhere is this damage more evident or tragic than with regard to women.
    In fact, nothing demonstrates the power of left-wing ideology as much as what this ideology has done to women. So powerful is leftist ideology, it is more powerful than women’s nature.
    Here are five examples:
    No. 1: The Desire to Bond with a Man
    For all of recorded history, virtually all women sought a man with whom to bond. Of course, a progressive would argue that this was true only because all societies implanted this desire in women or because societal pressure gave women little choice about the matter. It is not, progressives would argue, innate to female nature to yearn for a man.
    But whatever the reason — innate nature or societal expectation — it is a fact that women desiring a man was virtually universal.
    Then along came modern left-wing feminism, which communicated to generations of young women through almost every influence in their lives — most especially teachers and the media — that a woman doesn’t need a man. In the witty words of one feminist aphorism, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”
    Unfortunately, however, the reality is most women need a man just as most men need a woman. Most men don’t fully grow up without a woman, and most women don’t fully grow up without a man (I am, of course, referring to heterosexual women and men). If you need proof, ask almost any married person, man or woman, if marriage matured them.
    No. 2: The Desire to Marry
    Along with wanting a man, the vast majority of women wanted to marry. It was assumed that wanting that public commitment to and from a man was part of female nature. Yet, the Left has successfully undone that part of women’s nature, too.
    As a result of feminist and other left-wing indoctrination, the belief that a woman doesn’t need a man led to the inevitable upshot: marriage isn’t necessary. And it might even be a tool of oppression. And as a result of that, a smaller percentage of American women are marrying than ever before.
    This has serious social consequences. We have long known that single men perpetrate most of the violent crime in society. Single men are a societal problem. What we have not acknowledged — and perhaps not even known — are the deleterious effects of women not marrying.
    While single women don’t commit nearly as much violent crime as single men do (though they may be starting to catch up), single women are increasingly a societal problem. The most obvious problem is that women who have children without ever marrying their children’s father — or another man — produce a highly disproportionate percentage of social misfits. But many women who never give birth nor marry also constitute a societal problem. They are more likely to be angry and to express that anger in support of radical causes that undermine society. As Barron’s reported, while overall a mere 14.2% of the population contributed to “racial justice causes” such as Black Lives Matter in 2020, “nearly half of single women in the U.S. — a larger percentage than single men or married couples — supported or were actively involved in racial justice protests.”
    As reported by one women’s activist organization, Women’s Voices Women Vote, already in the 2012 election, “the marriage gap dwarfed the gender gap…”
    No. 3: The Desire to Have Children
    At least as much as wanting to bond with a man and wanting to get married were deemed a part of women’s nature, the desire to have children was regarded as even more embedded in female nature. Yet, incredibly, leftist ideology is even succeeding in eliminating that part of women’s makeup. More women than ever before — abroad as well as in America — are choosing not to have children. See, for example, the article, “More women like me are choosing to be childfree. Is this the age of opting out?” published, appropriately, in The Guardian. The author ends her piece this way: “I’ll say it plain: I don’t want children, I never have, and it doesn’t feel like any kind of lack. To me, it just feels like being alive.” She speaks for an increasing number of women.
    No. 4: The Desire to Have Sex with Commitment
    Another part of women’s nature that the Left has undermined is the desire of women to have sexual relations with a man who might commit to her. Or, at the very least, to have sex only with a man to whom she has some emotional attachment. Left-wing feminist ideology has even been able to undermine that. Three generations of American women have been indoctrinated into believing that their sexual nature is the same as that of a man. Therefore, she can have “hookups,” i.e., non-emotional, non-committal sex, just like men can with no emotional fallout. And so, many young women do. But a far greater percentage of them experience regret or even depression than do young men who engage in “hookup” sex, a form of sex that is indeed part of male nature.
    No. 5: The Desire to Protect Children’s Innocence
    Perhaps the most amazing thing progressive ideology has done to women is to subvert the innate female desire to protect children, specifically children’s sexual innocence. The movement to teach very young children about sex, about “gender fluidity,” expose them to “Drag Queen Story Hours,” etc., is overwhelmingly led by and composed of women.
    Leftism would appear to demonstrate that ideology can trump human nature. Such is the power of social indoctrination. One inevitable result is a generation of more depressed young women and more regretful middle-aged women than ever before in American history.
    The Left ruins everything it touches. You can add women to the list.

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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    Very interesting.

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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    Personally, after being introduced to The Red Pill and MGTOW, my way of thinking very quickly shifted away from both progressive and conservative thinking. I did however experience cognitive dissonance with letting go of my conservative leanings. Old habits in thinking are very hard to undo. Do not for a moment think conservatives are men's friends, because they are not. Both conservatives and progressives love nothing better than throwing common men under the freight train of gynocentrism. Think male-only draft and men last in the life boats.

    You see, liberalism/progressivism/femininsm didn't do to women what we think. Rather, they simply revealed women's true nature. Conservatism wasn't good for men either. In fact, I'm willing to bet many MGTOW believe tradcucks are even bigger enemies to MGTOW that progressives. I'm personally such a MGTOW.

    Feminism is the daughter of socialism. Socialism seeks to enslave the productive class beneath the unproductive class, providing free rides for anyone unwilling to work hard in life. That's why socialism always quickly fails. It works counter to human nature, which is self-interest. Feminism, Conservatism and Socialism share many traits. If you really look at the conservative vision of 'The Family', what you find is really socialism, with the father, aka Provider & Protector, financing the lives of the less productive. The conservative vision of family is bad for men, too.

    Feminism is merely an extension of conservatism and is in fact hyper-conservatism. Through feminism, women get more rights and privileges at the expense of men. Conservatism, in that it hides female privilege and gynocentrism beneath a thin veil of 'patriarchal power', is merely a far smarter form of feminism.

    If, through a MGTOW/Red Pill lens, one watches the debate from 1973 between feminist Betty Friedan and conservative Phyllis Schlafly, at Illinois State University, one rapidly becomes aware of said paradigm.

    At one time, I was sleeping with two women. One found out about the other and, without any knowledge on my part, a war between the two began. You see, neither cared about me or for me. Instead, what they really cared about is who would own me, who would eventually enslave me and which had the more powerful feminine wiles to accomplish their task. The war wasn't about me. The war was about who was going to own my future disposable income. That I was also tall and handsome wasn't really the point, but rather a bonus. The real point was, I had the potential to make A LOT of $$$. The looks were merely the icing on the cake.

    So you see, it's a mistake to think conservatism holds the moral highground over feminism/progressivsm/liberalism. As further evidence, read the articles entitled, "Women Not Marrying! Men Too Broke!". Read between the lines.

    Take care not to fall for gynocentrism's illusions and enchantments, which you'll find deeply embedded and very well obfuscated in conservatism, progressivism, liberalism and feminism.

    To women and their state pimps, common men are disposable utilities, human sacrifices and human shields.

    These are only a few of the harsh realities of life.

    MGTOW Saves

    The Red Pill Saves

    Until it completely destroys your life, ignorance is sheer bliss.
    Sex is the bait. Marriage is the trap. Divorce rape is the goal.

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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    Like Mannsplainer said, feminism shows the true nature of women. they're chaotic force of gluttony and destruction to men.

    The only difference now and then is that in the past people actually held women accountable which was basically the women had to not be a slut.

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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    When you give women political power, the results won't be good.

    I look back at more oppressive eras of history and I realize now that at least part of the intended outcome of those totalitarian ideologies/regimes was to keep women in line. Interestingly, women did the best job of patrolling other women. The Group would force the individual women to toe the line.

    But we got ride of those ideological systems because the human race is collectively retarded.
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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    Since fully embracing Red Pill I just can't see women as anything but hell at worst and at best a waste of time. Even when I see an attractive woman, I might look but I no longer feel any compulsion to talk to her or to get carried away with romantic thoughts and feelings for her.

    Fortunately Society has enabled women to such a degree that they don't feel a need to hide their true nature anymore. Even on dating sites where you would presume any genuine person seeking a mate would be on best behaviour, women are actually worse than ever.

    Anything they think they can use to manipulate a man with they will use. Politics is a big one, if you are not Left wing than you do not get the puss-ay! Could you imagine a man walking around "Hey if you ain't conservative, you don't get my cock!" It wouldn't happen. And even if it did we would be burned at the stake.

    That is one of the biggest reasons I don't think I would be able to talk to women in terms of romance anymore. Men have been demonized and they see us an enemy but also as these things that can be exploited without any remorse or fear of justice coming back on them.

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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    The problem Prager has is that he cannot recognize that the left that he claims are destroying women was put in place and enabled by women, c.f. women's suffrage.
    “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington

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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    It is so wrong that the first premise is wrong. It is not the left that done anything. It is the women who created the left in the first place.

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    Re: What the Left had done to women - Dennis Prager

    I think Prager is "putting the cart before the horse". The simple fact is, that women form the largest part of the Democratic party. They are the ones in control of the agenda, for the most part. As you can see from the Dem's embracing of Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory, women are the ones whom the Dem's are trying to satisfy, because that's where their votes come from. All of the stuff that is listed is women's doing. They are creating the world that they want, and it's a damned ugly one at that. And yes, they are suffering in it, because life isn't a fairy tale or video game where you can just hit "reset" and start over from scratch. Life carries on, people age and decay, and there is a timer on.

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