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Thread: What a fool

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    Re: What a fool

    Quote Originally Posted by opensource View Post
    This is so fake.

    It's so full of red pill truth bombs that it is fake.
    We live in the times when reality often seems more fake than fiction.

    But assuming this is fake it's not a guy who wrote it.
    No self-aware men is going to humiliate himself again. Even in a work of fiction.
    Moreover it is clear that OP's intention was to encourage/glorify cleanup men.
    I'd place my bets on FDS member/desperate cat-lady.
    " A man without purpose finds it in women " - UCXIV

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    Re: What a fool

    They read you like an open book, show you what they want you to see and let you draw your own conclusions. Which are going to be wrong if you still think blue pill. My guess is this one was real, but rather it was fake or not, it happens every day.

    I figure I'm safe enough from a line like this today, but back then I fell for it hook, line and sinker.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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    Re: What a fool

    OMG, she's 33 now. She's now already had her 3,921 different bang partners. I wonder how it feels to be the 3,922nd.

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    Re: What a fool

    It's actually really funny, he wears his ability to accept a subpar woman as prideful superiority over others. The best slaves are those who are convinced of the righteousness of their enslavement. My dad was just like this. This guy will keep convincing himself that he's won and patting himself on the back right up until the point where she cuts off sex and divorce rapes him. At that point, he will either wake up to the truth, or find the new blue-pilled lie that shelters him from the truth that gets him to do it all over again.

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    Re: What a fool

    Quote Originally Posted by opensource View Post
    This is so fake.

    It's so full of red pill truth bombs that it is fake.
    That is what I'm inclined to think. The post sounds almost meme-worthy; may be the original posters intent was to see what kind of rousing responses he would get.

    If not... this guy is going to flying fanny land, where the fanny flies away with all his shit in tow.

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    Re: What a fool

    Hahaha what a fucking dickhead, he loves making excuses for her past, and for her best version of herself well well well we all know where that is going.

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