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    We are witnessing freedom taken for granted.

    Look around.

    Never before have betas, women and gays have had more rights and freedom. All built and gotten to this point by strong men.

    Now we have a society where they have so much they mock and taunt and create problems..

    What reason should a weak vitiated member of our society that has no value besides sex ("sex workers") have a voice to cause havoc, while men who are creating & protecting the very society we have today execute their purpose?

    A absolute fool can acquire a great deal of money. It happens everyday and it doesn't mean they are important to that society.

    Societal Hierarchy will always exist but today it is masked by money. Money doesn't always correlate to the truth of who actually holds the power. It can function like a placebo getting you to miss the root cause of the legitimate issue at hand.

    Most who complain as I describe above are narcissistic and wrong.

    They have minds of kids, shallow, mundane, and lack educational substance so they rely on all they have which is looks, sex, and apparel.

    Those who do have substance are typically are critical thinkers, & they sacrifice their life to get recognition and and praise; all the while trying to better and advance society via their craft.

    Society use to put trash in their place and they knew their role and where they stood.

    People who contribute positively towards the advancement of our society should get all the rewards.

    All the praise and all the love.
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    Re: We are witnessing freedom taken for granted.

    It's all mental, so much freedom being taken for granted - people don't notice or care about existing freedoms unless they're forcibly taken away.

    Homeostasis, whatever the "normal" conditions of living are become too mundane and boring with the brain wandering seeking some new stimuli whether it's physical or mental - nothing is ever enough you can experience depression being poor, middle class or rich - no matter how well off or poor a person is, it's never enough. Unless that person is smart enough to notice and rein in at-least some control, I'm convinced that the average IQ human isn't able to comprehend such a thing, slaves to their animal instincts that have served us thousands of years - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    Most seem to be passengers in their own head.

    Society is better than it was before by all means, the good old days or 100-1000 years back were far worse by all metrics other than maybe contentment as people always had religion to hold a general cohesiveness among them. The modern day, 1st world governments/society are chugging along by attempting to keep a steady population pumping out kids and having enough tax revenue to function, that's their biggest concern.

    Society doesn't value rational thought and I suppose technological progress, some kind of goal beyond basic reproduction as we currently have - education just for the sake of money so you can reproduce, boring. And the education system itself has been dumbed down to help the most common denominator instead of actual intellectual pursuits.

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