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    Exclamation War is a mating game

    Understanding the Ukraine and Russian conflict from a sex and violence dominance hierarchy perspective paints a much different picture of what is taking place. Many people today have experienced only peace, war is a normal and common occurrence throughout human existence. War is common among other primates, for example the Gombe Chimpanzee War observed by Jane Goodall.

    War is a mating game. The war is devastating for the local population (males and females) but males of the nations are the major casualties, males across the entire nation are rounded up and sent to the battle field. The elites on both sides do not see this as problem because the population only requires a few males for reproduction. This is why males will be sent to the battle field by the millions to die.

    The politics surrounding the war is all manipulation and white noise. The propaganda and tactics have been used time and time to convince males to willing march to the slaughterhouse.

    At the end of the war, the the surviving males on any side have an increase in their mating potential as many males have now been killed in battle. The females will mate with whoever the survivors.

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    Re: War is a mating game

    Quote Originally Posted by GrnB View Post
    The females will mate with whoever the survivors.
    During WW2, UK women were mating with American GIs stationed here while their husbands were away fighting in Europe.

    Learning this was one of the first of many red pills I swallowed, and laid the foundation for me going my own way.

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