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    Understanding, Emotion and Timescales

    An open question for all (one that I hope gives answers of interest to any on-the-fence lurkers):

    On what timescales has your certainty in the MGTOW path you have taken been validated in your own minds? How has it solidified and crystalised over the years?

    For myself:

    Broadly speaking I went MGTOW in two big steps, with gradual realisation in between:

    • Step One: Got torn to pieces in the family courts. This made me realise the attitude of society, and especially those in power, to men and what a ridiculously raw deal men get. It also made me realise that a woman's "love" is a fleeting emotion at best and utterly meaningless at worse.
    • Step Two: Last interest I had in dating women got gradually stoned to death from trying my best at the Carnival of Crap that is online dating, said interest finished off with a stab-wound of a brief relationship with a single mother.

    At first, after Step One and certainly after Step Two, I knew intellectually that MGTOW was the right path. However at first, emotionally I found it uncomfortable: "So...I'll never have a girlfriend again? I know there's no disputing the maths but that's kinda depressing..." and so on.

    Through the years since though, I have found my emotions matching my decisions more day by day. I enjoy my freedom, my peacefulness . All around me when I see men in relationships, I see all the sacrifices they have to make and all the traps they are being set up for. I see the commitments they are stuck with in exchange for less each day.

    I think of how whatever sh*tshows I may deal with in a day, I get to go home to my house, just for me. It is my space where I can recharge and shape it how I wish. For any problems I face, I alone will decide the best course. I will face the risks and I will get the rewards.

    Every day I am free to pick up a new interest, work a bit harder for that new skill or more money or simply relax in a manner of my choosing. Every day this life path makes me smile a little more.

    Yourselves gentlemen?

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    Re: Understanding, Emotion and Timescales

    My first encounter with the MGTOW abbreviation, and other terms like Red-Pilled, Blue-Pilled etc was in late 2016 when i stumbled upon Sandman's videos on his youtube channel.

    I was 24 years old. Sandman's videos had me instantly entertained. He was throwing out so many truth bombs, but his delivery was also so comedic and funny it had me laughing out loud.

    Ive never been badly screwed over by a woman or by the authorities.

    But i have been in and out of relationships and friendships enough to observe female nature.

    The MGTOW life suits me very well.

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    Re: Understanding, Emotion and Timescales

    I've always been a misfit since I was a kid. I never really fitted in anywhere and I always bucked social mores and what was expected of me. I worked out at a young age that trying to impress women came down to nothing more than bribery and flattering their egos. I didn't bother with girlfriends and my first sexual experiences were with escorts as I preferred to avoid the drama of bringing women into my life.

    My first experience with actually seeing the term MGTOW was on a Sugarbaby forum in around 2015 or so there was a guy on the forum who would always mention it and I googled. A lot of what he was saying really resonated with me and I saw that I was no alone in my thinking and how I felt about the world.

    I recently saw the term "Black Pill" which I realize I have been for a while too. The way I see it anything we do as men is wrong and there are a lot of hypocrisies around the way "They" would like us to be. I worked that out ages ago too. In general I would prefer not to play and avoid society and people in general as much as possible.

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    Re: Understanding, Emotion and Timescales

    I discovered the manosphere while looking for online dating tips after a 4 year "relationship". I suppose seeing what I'd read playing out in real life many times over has just reinforced this.

    The first was a friends with benefits arrangement I had, she was fairly open about the fact that I was not the only person in her life but since she was making it very easy and didn't ask for much I didn't care.

    One evening I discovered she'd got some older guy to take her out, buy her meal and drinks at a nice place but then fobbed him off to spend the night with me.

    It made me think how many times I'd been on the other side of that equation....
    Men are becoming MGTOW by the millions, most without ever having heard the term. They are simply doing what all living organisms finding themselves in a toxic environment do. They adapt to it or remove themselves from it. Females are not liking either the adaptations or the removal.


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