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    Trump’s attacks on women’s rights were despicable – so they told him ‘you’re fired’ (hurl Alert)

    Irish Independent via Press Reader ^ | 20th January 2021 | Colette Brown
    "DONALD Trump’s preferred method of ingratiating himself with women infamously involved grabbing them by their private parts . Women preferred to grab him by the ballot. Women, especially black women, were instrumental in his defeat, with early exit polls indicating just 42pc of women, versus 53pc of men, voted for Trump.Always a fan of hurling insults, Trump derided women as “fat pigs”, “dogs”, “slobs” and “disgusting animals”, but women turned Trump into what he detests the most – a loser. Worse than that, a bad loser who refuses to admit defeat, even if that failure foments a violent insurrection.
    Four years of his presidency did incalculable harm to women’s rights. A further four would have been catastrophic.
    . . . Not content with attacking women’s reproductive health, Trump’s Department of Justice published new guidance in 2018 which diluted the legal definition of domestic violence. Under Obama, the definition had expanded to include forms of non-physical violence like psychological abuse and coercive control. Trump’s administration excised these forms of abuse from the definition, thereby reducing the protections available to women.
    Similarly, Trump’s administration also introduced new regulations, governing the manner in which universities investigated sexual assault complaints, which redefined sexual harassment in the narrowest way possible. Not only was the definition of sexual harassment itself gutted, the onus on colleges to investigate complaints was also reduced.
    It is unsurprising that a man who speaks about women in such coarse terms, and was himself accused of sexual assault by scores of women, would not be a champion of women’s rights. But his determination to dismantle rights that were hard won, under previous administrations, was galling to witness . . . "

    Commenters: "Biden actually raped a woman and married his babysitter. But let’s not talk about that."
    "NOW Feminazis will tell you it’s OK. Just as Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy both got a pass for their sexual harassment and assaults. he supports abortion and so the women just have to take one for the team.'
    "Yep, as Biden’s new MS13 “guests” come in and gang-rape them, they can relax and enjoy it and think to themselves, “Well at least the Orange Man is gone.”"
    "Biden’s daughter also claimed that he basically molested her, forcing her to take showers with him at an inappropriate age. It rings true, because Hunter had no problem confiding in him that he was facing a lot of blowback from walking around naked in front of his niece."
    "Actually what Trump said is, if you’re rich, golddiggers flock like flies and are more than willing to use sex to get favors - ask any rockstar, or any groupie for that matter."

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    Re: Trump’s attacks on women’s rights were despicable – so they told him ‘you’re fired’ (hurl Alert)

    Rest assured, the non violent, peaceful protesters, and dreamer immigrants, will migrate to the population shitholes within the cradle of Dumbicrat sanctuary shitholes. They will remain non violent peaceful protesting dreamers that burn, rape, murder, and loot from their host shitholes, making more desperate Dumbicrats in the process.

    The only births in their utopic society will be from peaceful rape encounters with the dreamers.

    The first act of this imposter president is to invite the non citizen to jump the fence and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

    A democrat is a woman by all accounts weather or not it has a penis.

    It's back to oppression of all masculinity and jailing men for the same.

    This is MGTOW's finest hour! Just like the inauguration, they'll only have crickets to kick around.

    Warped twisted fucking perverts, the lot of them!
    United we stand, divided we are.

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    Re: Trump’s attacks on women’s rights were despicable – so they told him ‘you’re fired’ (hurl Alert)

    If I may be so bold as to correct the Irish Independent, Trump's so-called "loss" or "defeat" was due to there being 155 million votes cast and the number of registered voters being 133 million. Therefore, at minimum there were 22 million fake votes. At minimum, because never have all registered voters actually voted. It's statistically impossible for Trump to have lost; in fact his number of electoral votes was deep into 300 territory, counted honestly.

    And so, to the felons and traitors who pulled this off, including the traitor Republicans who folded up in the midst of battle like rain-soaked two-dollar suitcases and fell like suckers for every setup the Dems set before them: The show's yours now, so have at it, and good luck, because there's no one besides yourselves now to hang failures on. Everything that fails now, you own it. All of it.

    For us: Man, I couldn't dream of a more-entertaining upcoming four years. This is going to be the best shitshow ever. I'm going to have to try not to choke on my popcorn while I'm laughing. We're about to see the Socialist Left, aka the New Nazi Party or NNP, eat not only itself alive but also every uninformed fool who supported them.

    In a sort of warped way, I'm happy DJT didn't get another four years. I mean on a personal level, not a political/"futures" level. Imagine the crap he'd have to put up with. Everyone was against him, even his closest "allies." Even most of the people in his own party. It would've only gotten worse.

    Take a rest. Enjoy your family. You did great. No -- strike that. You did fantastic. Seventy-plus million people are proud of you. I call that one hell of an approval rating.

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