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    E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    E Trade is a major investment banking company, a company that no doubt spent a large sum studying women before making this commercial. Watch the ad, E Trade is targeting the average female cubicle dweller, and she is driven by spite and jealousy, even jealousy for other women

    If it weren't true, where is the female outrage? like men had against Gillette?? I think women see this commercial, and think they should call etrade, because Etrade understands them

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    Re: E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    Oh no! Toxically masculine middle-aged white guy got the promotion! Clearly he didn't deserve it. Patriarchy!!
    (Or maybe he wasn't fucking around on trading software during WORKING HOURS and earned the promotion.)
    Drones. The only practical use for those, in a woman's world, would be to bring her coffee.
    (Never mind they save lives and go places too toxic, dangerous, high up or remote for humans to go safely.)
    And look at the quintessential nerd, operating it. He just creates needless nerdy stuff. Why is he even alive?
    And colleagues. Mere mortals, plebians. So beneath her. Celebrate the birthday of a colleague? So PEDESTRIAN. Sigh.

    Yes, all she needs is her self sufficiency, her laptop and her e-trading software. And she'll be able to leave all that cubicle hell drudgery behind her!

    EXCELLENT COMMMERCIAL, appealing to the narcissism of the female office wage slave! She doesn't DESERVE to be there, does she?

    So I have to ask. Why is she wearing a clown suit?
    And if she's such a savvy investor, why is she drawing a salary at a company she hates working at with people she has nothing but contempt and derision for?

    WHY? She's the quintessential spoiled white North American feminist princess, that's why.
    Everybody around her - it's THEIR FAULT she is not a CEO and flying home in a helicopter to her 10,000 square foot guarded island home.
    Men are to blame. Patriarchy is to blame.

    Yeah, she's just a narcissistic cvnt in a clown suit.

    This commercial doesn't even attempt to apologize for itself.
    Why would it need to? It has everybody and everything all figured out.
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    Re: E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    E Trade.

    As if a feminist womyn would be able to save surplus funds to invest long term. Ha!

    They're dragging around six figure student loan debt.

    They subsidize a lifestyle their income has not yet, nor may ever, achieved with high interest credit card debt.

    They dump extra borrowed monies on unnecessary VACAY's so they can prove they have fun without some working stiff of a man holding them back.

    Insidious, you dissected the fallacies of that commercial plot like a pro, salute.

    If it floats, flies or fucks, it's better to rent

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    Re: E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    Investing requires learning and technical skills, research and knowledge of the tools and the field...hardly the average woman could put some work and dedication in it.

    Investing also requires emotional stability, long term planning and putting feelings aside in order to survive financial rollercoasters....very hardly the average woman could make it.

    Investing also needs money but in their case they have other people money available so its no big deal at least in this field.

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    Re: E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    What better to pump'n'dump than a woman? Didn't anybody watch Wolf of Wall Street? That's their primary gig!

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