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    They did it! They actually killed him

    They actually killed the fucker. I wondered how they were gonna do it.
    I guess they're so afraid of the backlash and rioting by young men that they decided to go the 'cancer' route as a disguise.

    They actually killed Andrew Tate for going against the system.

    This is hilarious. All the Tater tots must be stunned that something like this could happen when a quick read of history shows that anyone who hates the ruling class gets executed, no exceptions.
    You destroy the system by depriving it, not by a fight.
    Deprive it by not consuming.
    Deprive it by doing less work.
    Deprive it by not agreeing to fight in their wars.
    Deprive it by not having children.
    Deprive it by not reducing your tax footprint to zero (or just don't pay it).

    You don't deprive it by being the most hedonistic, consumerist dipshit who is telling young men to sleep with 1000's of women.
    You're not allowed to control a section of the population (young boys). Only they can do that.

    But if you obtain the knowledge and come to the conclusion yourself - the MGTOW way - they're powerless to stop you.
    If you believe everything you hear is a lie, you have a 100% lie detection rate.
    The opposite holds true but I would rather be surprised by the truth than a lie.

    Society is a Simulacrum.

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    Re: They did it! They actually killed him

    The comments are all Tater tots. Wow, those guys are something else. Didn't know there were so many. Guess they fell for the models and supercars.

    The timing does seem fishy, don't it? Guess we'll find out if he croaks. I'll be surprised if he does.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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    Re: They did it! They actually killed him

    I doubt he kicks the bucket. I'll even be surprised if it's legitimately true. Got to remember this guy has millions and millions in the bank. I wouldn't put it past a corrupt lawyer/doctor to get the documents signed to try to get him out of prison.

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    Re: They did it! They actually killed him

    This is either a scam by Tate to try and get out of jail or a scam by authorities to suicide him. I would be absolutely amazed if this was true.

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    Re: They did it! They actually killed him

    With the last update I saw his team said the tumor was benign and he should be okay.

    I like Andrew Tate because he's the first person Ive seen straight up talk about how 80% of men are invisible.

    Also his advice on stoicism and building emotional control really helped turn my life around.

    I wish he would talk about mgtow but sadly like the other manosphere guys he has to sell the life style to guys who he knows will never make it which imo is scammy

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