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    The Scowling Woman (MGTOW-Is-Freedom)

    I love Big John, because he's a MGTOW genius. Anyway, John is correct about this; the better woman have it in life, the angrier and meaner they get. It's like I said before, woman are never happy, it's like they're not meant to be happy. It doesn't take a man much to be satisfied.
    It's a man's world and we need to take it by the throat and make it give us what we desire.

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    Re: The Scowling Woman (MGTOW-Is-Freedom)

    When I did make half hearted efforts to date or communicate with women, I learned to look out for "early signs of bitch". Generally people are on their best behaviour whilst chatting to each other women of course don't have to try as hard and they would frequently drop the veil. It could be anything, an annoyed look at something trivial or getting upset because I challenged them in some way.

    Online it was even easier, as discussed elsewhere women fill their profiles with so many demands without ever coming close to matching it. You don't even have to be full Red Pill to see it.

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    Re: The Scowling Woman (MGTOW-Is-Freedom)

    Knew a guy who used to run a brothel. Talking about it one day, I threw out the idea of a free (nonalcoholic) drinks fridge for the girls, better conditions. He quickly explained just how wrong I was. The better you treat 'em, the worse they behave.

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