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    Taking off this weight!

    Greetings everyone,

    This is a long-ass post. Mostly written with bad grammar (...sry 4 my english lol) I trully did my best to be half decent readable.

    So I've been following this forum for a while now, not really having anything of solid wisdom to share, untill now!

    This large post aims to show youngers to dont fall in the traps of marriage (holy fuck, if after some years you still need more evidence...).

    As we men like to read it, lets adjust the scope droping some context:
    I'm a 28 male (...duh), software engineer. In the day working my ass off as IT Consultant (typical BS like ERP, EPM, BI, etc) for some corporation here in Perú. In the night I work for my own SaaS startup (which is getting traction, obviously not thanks to my-still wife...).

    I'm not a rich person, far from that, but I can live a calm financially life from my job+ investments. After all, life in latinamerica is cheap compared to US/EU.

    So, with the context properly set up, lets start from the very begining. I met this woman (now 28) about 26 months ago, in Mexico.... because of the job as consultant I've been able to be here for solid 4 years doing interesting projects, banging some good thicc latinas and so. After some years I was looking for a female partner for a LTR (...silly me) and found this woman.

    I knew she was already broken, bipolar, dyed hair, etc. But she got me because she was a doctor (Like mum, so it hit home...). Somehow, I went full retard and proposed her after half year lol. We got married and things started kinda great. I know some of you think latina women are not brainwashed by feminist movement/agenda but this is partially true. I can speak from experience that from all latinamerica, Argentina, Mexico and Chile chicks are the most feminist leaned women.

    Anyway, I knew that she had to do the final year of medicine in a far-as-fuck forgotten city in some random village, not sure how it works outside latinamerica. So, mind you I, I was in mexico as international consultant, so I had everything free (housing, food, services, etc). But I gave up dinning in fine restaurants to go shopping a fuck ton of food (rice, beans, tuna, etc) so i could be with my wife in that far-as-fuck place without having to worry about feeding ourselves (I know... we are providers by instinct, and we must feel proud by it. That burning desire made civilization progress).

    Take in consideration, this was more than 6 months before corona outbreak. One day I was arguing with her in the apartment, for some random non-serious stuff and after I came back from work I couldnt find her... and noticed that the bathroom was locked, I had a very bad feeling. Luckly I found the keys that unlock the bathroom so I went in only to find this ungrateful bitch sitting next to the toiled with 2 syringes, in both arms, next to some buckets, literally drying herself. Damn, i took away those things (that by now been feeling arund half 1L bucket) and made sure she didn't need go to hospital. I knew that was a big fucking red flag. I wanted to terminate her next day, but to be honest was afraid of finding her dead in some part of the house and be convicted for murdering (this isnt a joke lol, you are the main suspect and your silly ass is going to jail).

    So we talked about the "incident", note that talking with a crazy bitch is like trying to speak with your shoe. So we moved on, fast foward some months corona virus broke. My company gave me the choice of going back to Peru (to be with my family...) but i declined, 'coz a man need to be by his wife. Yup...

    After some more random fights arguing about how i work my ass from 8am to 11pm (having both jobs is hard af sometimes) and she only needs to study and clean a lil bit the house, and do some cooking... I told her my mind, something like "I left my family in the pandemic just to be with you and you can't even cook? Is like your time is only used to post shit in facebook, instagram. I come how tired, sleep tired af because of my enterprise, and so". Her reply? "I didn't ask you to stay". Yeah, fuck me right?

    Fast foward october i told her that i had enough money for either: divorce her or be there untill end of the year. She cried (good ol' tactics) and told me that we will fix it all (...) Yeah well, I was imbecile enough. It is no surprise that it didnt work out, I remember that in chrismass i was alone in the dark of some dirty, cheap, low class room, talking with my mom sending regards in chrismas, apologizing for not been there with here and stuff (she is a really good mother, very caring and nurturing...trully golden person). What was doing my wife? Ah yes parting in some random place with colleages buying pizza with my money. Do you see a pattern of a non-usa, non-white, latina women? Is ingrained in their brains.

    So I went back to Perú, wave her goodbye. Inner my i knew i was leaving some stuff that needs to be done (I'm still married, better undone that before the problem scalates). He took a plane to Perú (yeah but first she lost the flight cause she HAD to pee 5 min before plane took off, so need to be there to save her sorry ass). We were together around half year here, things started to work out (...not really, was pretty shit but not as shit as before tbh).

    So she had to get back to Mexico cause migration stuff, I saw my oportunity. Took the flight with her, not because I love her, far from that. Im here doing all the stuff necesary to unmarry her. Want some more facts? We made a budget so stay financially secure for around 9 months, after the 2nd month 70% of the money is just gone. Im still eating the rice and stuff i bought a year ago (cause we men dont really need fancy stuff to thrive...) but this woman need to eat fancy shit from delivery apps lol.

    Anyway, it seems that is going to be a couple of weeks more until i get the notification from the court and finally leave this nightmare. So, adding some more facts:
    - banging a hooker is cheaper, the only downside are aids lol
    - Now that i will be finally free, I can tap the younger 20-23 girls for some fun. You dont need to be millionare to be her sugar, just buy her some dinner and done. They drop their panties.
    - Now I'm having the peace of mind I really need
    - Now leaving my corporate job to pursue my startup goal is possible without the big fucking burden of having a wife (a financial, physical burden)
    - My soon to be ex-wife is a broken woman, that sacrificed her youth in the carousel (i love that term lol) and is going to hit the wall soon. On the other side I can keep building my own life, working on my goals, my golding years are yet to come
    - If some bitches are mad at you for thinking bad about "strong, empowered, independent women" remember, they chose the career path sacrificing their own family. This is a hard fact, most of the arguing going on with wife is about stuff she was supposed to do (cleaning, cooking...supportive, nurturing) but she couldn't do because she was doing her career (which is uttermost bullshit, because 2hrs a day reading stuff and then browsing memes the whole afternoon-night isnt as close...)
    - I wont give up on women, sex is amazing....I'd probably give up LTR, specially marriage. I trully want to rise my own child, someday.

    I'm not embarrased to admit my mistakes, I'm profundly proud that I standed still to my beliefs untill the very end, and I'm really happy that I didn't have any children with this woman, bought a house or anything with her here... so this divorce (state sponsored because this woman started it with a lawyer friend) isn't going to cost me a dime. I don't even have a legal job in this country, nor properties or anything, all is in Peru .

    The moment I'm legally free from this person, I will be jumping from joy.

    Theres a lot fucking more stuff to tell but, this is already a long ass posts and I hope I could nail the main point.

    And remember, the hardest sword was hammered and put to fire to endure itself. This is life.

    TL/DR: Dont fucking get married.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Taking off this weight!

    She roped you in good haha Don’t marry again

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    Re: Taking off this weight!

    Another horror story, if we ever needed one.
    I wish you all the luck in the future mate. And hopefully you have learned somethings from your past.

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    Re: Taking off this weight!

    "Now that i will be finally free, I can tap the younger 20-23 girls for some fun"

    Is it worth it though? Why not invest that sexual energy into your startup instead via semen retention. Jumping to women again doesn't seem like freedom to me (a better one), but not what you could really obtain through abstinence.

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    Re: Taking off this weight!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbles1999 View Post
    "Now that i will be finally free, I can tap the younger 20-23 girls for some fun"

    Is it worth it though? Why not invest that sexual energy into your startup instead via semen retention. Jumping to women again doesn't seem like freedom to me (a better one), but not what you could really obtain through abstinence.
    Better to get it in now than be 40 and realizing 20 year old pussy is something you will never get again unless you pay for it.

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