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    Sometimes you can pick it straight away

    For many years I pitched science shows to large science networks and was unsuccessful. I would receive the feedback that "the majority of our audience is male, so we just don't know if they'd relate to a female host"
    This is a lie. That never happened.

    But last year, Netflix picked up our science show, Emily's Wonder Lab. I filmed the entire thing 9 months pregnant.
    Unless we are talking about a single episode of a single show, this is also a lie.

    Also, no-one is nine months pregnant for very long. Seven months? Sure. Eight months? Absolutely - you will be eight months for a whole month. But if you are nine months for more than a week or so, they will induce labour. Characteristic female innumeracy.

    When I was studying to become an engineer, I was one of 2 or 3 women in classrooms of 50 men.
    An engineer. God help us all.

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    Re: Sometimes you can pick it straight away

    Looks OK nearly naked though ............ clearly she wants to be taken seriously.
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    Re: Sometimes you can pick it straight away

    They aren't even trying to hid it anymore.
    A mother cannot raise a boy to be a man, not because he needs a father figure; but because she favours team vagina over her own son.

    Tradcon women are the most manipulative of all kinds of women, because they infect you with false hope.
    Radfems are your best friend, because they hate you and verbalise it - that's honesty!

    The red pill rage is a process which takes many many years - so be kind and patient with yourself; you will overcome it!

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    Re: Sometimes you can pick it straight away

    I am tired of this "female perspective" for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These fields ARE OBJECTIVE SUBJECTS, there is no PERSPECTIVE to have about an objective thing.

    You can paint a computer pink or put lipstick on the screen, it will not change the objective way it works! At most you hinder its functionality with subjective and useless additions.

    Yet it is sold to us that the female perspective on these fields is necessary and useful. I have to deal with female engineers, one of them is fortunately retired and was the most difficult person to deal with. Our boss used to say that the A/C was set at her discretion, because he would rather deal with all of us complaining then her.

    That is the female perspective in my experience: air conditioning, health problems, drama, Christmas trees and gossip. These are their specialities. And for ever female engineer we need a male one to do their job. Not that they are incapable, but they dont like the job, dont want the job, and rather complain about things, put sick leave or gossip around.

    At the first opportunity they will change field to something less connected to engineering. Or retire.

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