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    Slavery 101 – dating as taught to girls

    February 12, 2014 By Diana Davison 65 Comments
    "Women are groomed to enslave men. This is no secret.
    They openly, unabashedly, share their tips on how to capture and keep men as their possessions, and some writers make a good living by sharing their advice on how to be a good slave owner. Women’s magazines are filled with articles telling them how to get and keep a man and women read these articles enthusiastically because they want to learn all the tricks.

    Sherry Argov is a New York Times bestselling author. Her books, Why men love bitches and Why men marry bitches use humour but the message is clear. “Men control the world, but women control the men.
    Having control in a relationship manifests in many ways but attempts at control are quite simple. Get the man you want, get him to marry you, make sure he doesn’t leave or cheat on you. Those are the basics. What happens in the daily manifestations of that relationship merely depends on how good you are at slave owning . . . ."

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    Re: Slavery 101 – dating as taught to girls

    Too bad for women that their stupid little tricks only work because men remain ignorant about women's true nature and brainwashed into believing the mythical loving caring female. They only work because the mothers of men groom and prepare them to be guillible white knighting simps, making it easy for girls his age to capture and manipulate him with ease. But now times are changing. More and more men are paying more attention to women's true nature and their actions - things that only solitary intellectuals and wisemen noticed in the "good ol' days". They are ditching their brainwashing and swallowing the red pill. Mothers no longer wish to put in the effort to groom men into gullible simps - they want the state to strong arm them into the role. And now the tide is turning. We know it is since if women were still able to manipulate and trap men into marriage easily, there would not be "where have all the good men gone?" articles and media glorifying the single bachelorette lifestyle.

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    Re: Slavery 101 – dating as taught to girls

    The internet is worst thing that could happen to women. It allowed men to talk to each other without women's interruptions. And where once men were isolated, wondering if they had gone crazy.. only to find out its just a female being a female who wants to control him.

    All men have to do now days is read your typical article and listen to the controlling language in it to see that women are manipulators, not lovers.

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    Re: Slavery 101 – dating as taught to girls

    no wonder I joined the "Labor Party".... (withholding labor until I get a fair deal...)
    "I live in freedom, under my own flag." - Captain Harlock

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