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Thread: Should I work?

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    Re: Should I work?

    I did forget to mention, that I'm not married (never will; never once dated), I won't have kids, I have NO DEBTS (no credit debts that I can't pay off this month, and no college debts) and I have money saved from my SSI disability after paying off 5+ years of financial debts I got myself into because I was jealous of my best friend's ability to have a job and spend money (according to his dad, my best friend was over $15,000 in credit debt in 2012 and had to default on his debt).

    I want this 21-year-old MGTOW guy to learn from my story; DON'T DO WHAT I DID, because you'll regret it by the time life kicks your ass. I got out of credit debt and now I have money (again, no wife, no kids, no any kind of debts).
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    Re: Should I work?

    Quote Originally Posted by RenaiZance View Post
    You don't owe society jack shit and kids are a bad ROI. You don't know if they will be there forever or stick by you. As for people calling you less of a man because "your genes will go extinct", it doesn't fucking matter because your going to die whether you have kids or not and after 2 generations you are already forgotten regardless so there goes that argument.

    My apologies, you were being serious, but this just caught me unawares.

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    Re: Should I work?

    Quote Originally Posted by frompaintogain View Post
    I stay home all week and when I go out I buy nothing
    Where are you from?

    For me it costs $9 round trip for a train ride to the city and back. So $20 would last 2 trips if I did that. Food wise I could eat maybe twice at a fast food restaurant!

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