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    Post SEXPAT REDPILL: Youtube channel on Redpill and MGTOW Migration to SEA

    Hello Folks,

    Sepat here. As stated previously in my introduction post. I am a Redpilled Expat that lives in South East Asia. I have been digesting content from the manosphere for the last five years, and it prompted me to make the move out to SEA three years ago. Since then, I have seen a vast contrast between the United States. In my personal opinion, the United States and the Western world are just outright infuckinhospitable. Currently we are looking at the spread of totalitarianism on a global scale via the convenient vehicles of critical theory suck as CRT and feminism. As a result, female sexual selectivity is off the charts resulting in most men becoming sexually disenfranchised and experiencing clinical depression driving them to suicide. I am here to tell you that there are different parts of the world that have not been ravaged by feminism and other aspects of critical theory.

    The main focus of my channel is providing an alternative for both red-pilled and MGTOW men who are not optimizing their biological imperative at home. Going abroad can be quite liberating if you are educated in the realm of the red-pill. Going there without a red-pill education on the other-hand can and will get you killed. Simultaneously, I ma here to help more blue- and purple-pilled expats become more red-pilled so they don't keep falling into Asian honey traps. It is much easier than you think it is with Tinder. The hookers don't have to hook at the bar anymore.I understand that some of you might be doing well in terms of short-term sexual gratification, the the looming threat of the metoo cudgel is always in wait. In SEA, you don't have to worry about getting falsely jailed for metoo or domestic violence. Below I will leave the link to my Youtube Channel, Bitchute Channel, and Discord Server for those of you that are interested in joining.

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    Re: SEXPAT REDPILL: Youtube channel on Redpill and MGTOW Migration to SEA

    Thank you for sharing the youtube channel. I had a quick browse on a couple of videos in your channel and found the videos to be enjoyable.

    At just 25 subscribers and 5 videos, it appears that you're just starting out - its a good effort and I wish you the best of luck in growing your channel.

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    Re: SEXPAT REDPILL: Youtube channel on Redpill and MGTOW Migration to SEA

    Your kind words speak volumes!!! I will get better as things go on. For now, I have no intention to monetize. Just provide value to the manosphere.

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