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    Self-Esteem for Bachelors, part one

    Hey guys. I am writing a few articles on self-esteem for bachelors. I think it's an essential ingredient in a happy, contented bachelor life, so I thought it was worth spending some time on.

    This is the first article, which lays out the basics -- what it is, what it isn't, and how to distinguish the real thing from the counterfeit.

    In the next piece, which I hope to complete shortly, I'll lay out the case for why self-esteem is essential for a good bachelor life.

    Cheers. Hope you find it interesting and helpful.

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    Re: Self-Esteem for Bachelors, part one

    There's been people who thought I needed a little more self esteem. Might a been some truth in it, but most of it came from me not bragging any. But I know my worth, and don't see any reason to talk shit.

    Then there's the fact that an awful lot of people think they have more self esteem coming than they really deserve. I'd rather be thought a loser than get thrown in with that crowd.

    As you get older, what other's think don't matter as much as it used to.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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    Re: Self-Esteem for Bachelors, part one

    Another great piece of writing Eddie! Cheers!

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