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    Sandman: Don't be a Simp

    Some sharp observations from Sandman. My sense is women have more contempt today for a man who commits than they ever have in the past. There was basically no alternative to commitment in the past. Men married. Sex before marriage happened but it was less common and usually in the context of steady dating. Today's hookup culture orients women towards their jungle nature; and in the jungle no one does anything nice for no reason. This is why modern women hate niceness; they themselves have regressed to pure opportunism; they themselves are only "nice" to get something. They are "nice" to people they feel they have to yield to. They do it because they have to. Simple example. I walk into a sushi restaurant; the waitress is frazzled and is acting like a bitch. The owner says hi to me and suddenly the waitress is all smiles and is "super nice" to me. So in a woman's solipsistic view, men must be the same way. Her thought process is: the genuinely decent man is "nice" because they are losers and see the woman as higher status; they commit because they "know" the woman is a 'catch' and probably the best they can possibly get. She interprets that surrendering of advantage (his independence) as weakness and takes him for granted; in contrast, his surrender to her, must inflate her own self-perception. Women do not understand the idea of idealism and mutualism; without traditionalism, women will always interpret the kindness of another, especially a man, as supplication- which is something a low-value person does to someone higher value. A woman who is on the receiving end of first-date anal, who gets turned on by negs, who has rough sex with a guy she's pretty sure won't call her again cannot suddenly gain any kind of appreciation for a decent, caring guy. It's a bridge too far; it is like a crackhead suddenly deciding at 30 he can get serious about life and become CEO of General Motors. The mind has already developed entrenched habits and attitudes.

    The modern woman knows she is not relationship material. She knows this because the last 40 guys dropped her after the bang, or a few. As she hits the wall, it's dawning on her that she doesn't have the kind of personality that men want in their lives long-term. A part of her dies everytime a guy sleeps with her and then sends her on her way. There is a part of her that hates herself. The only person she hates more is the fool, the "simp" as Sandman puts it, that considers himself so low-value as to ring the very woman that higher SMV men didn't bother committing to.

    Some of you may be wondering -- who is this Jagrmeister guy? Have a look at some of my posts from MGTOW Forums--> Jagr Archive (collection of my articles)

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    Re: Sandman: Don't be a Simp

    In other world, have self respect, not self esteem.
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    Re: Sandman: Don't be a Simp

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Sin View Post
    In other world, have self respect, not self esteem.

    Real wisdom in what you wrote there. Pithy and profound at the same time.

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